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Learning and Living the Gospel – GOAL 1

Subjects: Sacrament – Covenants
– Explain how taking the sacrament helps you renew your baptismal covenant. In a family home evening, teach others about things we can do to remain faithful.

Activity Details: I Will Remain Faithful . . . READ MORE
INCLUDES: Invitation, Sunshine Promises mirror motivator, and Faithful Footsteps Game

Learning and Living the Gospel – GOAL 2

Subjects: First Vision – Prayer
 – Give a family home evening on Joseph Smith’s First Vision. Discuss how Heavenly Father answers our sincere prayers.

Activity Details: I Will Pray Sincerely . . . READ MORE 
INCLUDES: Invitation, First Vision family home evening, and Puzzled About Prayer match game


Learning and Living the Gospel – GOAL 3

Subject: Holy Ghost
GOAL 3  Mark these verses about the Holy Ghost in your scriptures: John 14:16-17, 2 Nephi 32:5, and Moroni 10:5Discuss ways the Holy Ghost helps you.

Activity Details: The Holy Ghost Will Help Me throughout My Life . . . READ MORE
INCLUDES: Invitation, Scripture underlining guide and pencil pocket, and Let the Spirit Guide flashlight tag and block toss games

Learning and Living the Gospel – GOAL 4

Subject: Follow the Prophet
 Read a recent conference address given by the prophet (May/November Ensign).
Decide what you can do to follow the prophet, and do it.     

Activity Details: Follow the Prophet . . . READ MORE
INCLUDES: Invitation, Prophet Ponder doorknob hanger, and Prophet Ponder guessing game

Learning and Living the Gospel – GOAL 5

Subject: Prayer
 Give an opening and a closing prayer in family home evening or Primary. Share your feelings about how prayer protects us and helps us to stay close to Heavenly Father and the Savior.

Activity Details: I Will Stay Close to Heavenly Father . . . READ MORE 
INCLUDES: Invitation and Prayer Blossoms board game


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    Hi their, I’m wanting to purchase this book, I’m located in new Zealand is it available to come here? I’m wanting the one for faith in god! How much are they? Would you recommend any other ones to help me out. Thank you hope to hear from you soon.

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      What you are looking at on the website here is the previous book that is no longer in print. Now you can purchase and download them instantly from this website. Click on each link or visit the SHOP STORE link at the top of the website to find Activity Days. Then you can download them quickly or click on each one.

      There is another book still in print, while they last, no longer in CD-ROM. Click here to order from Deseret Book. However this book does not cover all the Activity Days goals like we do here on the gosopelgrabbag.com website for you to download. This may eventually be on the website, but you may want to order it online before it goes out of print. LINK TO ORDER ONLINE: http://deseretbook.com/Faith-God-Super-Activity-Days-Socials-Girls-Ages-8-11-Mary-H-Ross/i/4985989

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