ACTIVITY: Facing the Sun/Son
(Stories of Jesus)

$3.50 December Week 2 Primary Sharing Time THEME: Jesus Grew in Wisdom and Stature and in Favor with God and Man" ACTIVITY: "Facing the Son - Stories of Jesus"

USE FOR: Primary Sharing Time, Family Home Evening, Come Follow Me, Young Women, Activity Days, Seminary, Sunday School

OBJECTIVE: Help youth know the importance of following Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in helping our testimonies and faith in Him grow. Just as the sunflowers face the sun to grow, we must look to Jesus.

TO MAKE: Cut out the stories, the Jesus sunflower, and sunflower wordstrips.


1. Post one sunflower on a poster, wall, or board and say, “When the sun comes up in the morning, the sunflowers turn their face toward the sun. The sunflowers need the warmth of the sun to grow. When the sun travels through the sky, the sunflowers turn their heads to the follow the sun.”

2. Post Jesus on the board and say, “We too can face the Son of God (Jesus Christ) to help our testimonies and faith in Him grow. Each day we can read the scriptures to learn about the life of Jesus Christ and the stories He taught. We can follow Jesus Christ by living His commandments. The Apostles of Jesus looked to Him to learn of the commandments and how they should live. These apostles testify of Jesus Christ in the scriptures, and we can learn of Him by reading their words. Let’s read about these stories of Jesus so we can learn to follow Him.”

3. Tell youth, “These are the stories Jesus taught. Let’s read them to learn how we can follow His light.”

4. To present the stories, have youth take turns drawing sunflower from the container. The leader or older children could read the stories and post the sunflowers around the Jesus sun. Talk about each story and how you can follow the Son of God (Jesus Christ).

THOUGHT TREAT (not in the instructions):
Sunflower Sugar Cookies. Make your favorite dough recipe and roll 2-tablespoons of dough into a ball and press into a 1/3-inch x 4-inch round cookie. Cut petals into cookie by cutting 1-inch slits and then pinching petals into a point. Option: Sprinkle orange decorator-sugar on top and press into dough. Bake 8-10 minutes at 370 degrees. THOUGHT: Review the lesson about following the Son of God turning out face/thoughts toward Him. Comparing this to the sunflowers who turn their heads to face the sun. As we look toward the light we will feel God’s influence (the warmth that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings).

• Jesus lights the way as my example (3 Nephi 18:16)
• Jesus lights the way with His teachings (D&C 84:45-46; Primary 7 manual, lessons 10, 12)
• I will follow His light and be an example (3 Nephi 18:24; Primary 1, lesson 36; Primary 2, lesson 29)
• As I follow His light, I am protected (Psalm 27:1; Primary 4, lesson 25, 26)
See New Testament Stories (picture story book) see Media Library LINK:





FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST: Activity: Facing the Sun/Son (Stories of Jesus), Jesus Grew and I Can Be Like Him