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(For the Strength of Youth – Standards Car Puzzle)

Temple Trip . Gospel StandardsTHIS ACTIVITY IS FOR YOUTH (not for children). Go to this similar activity: MOVING TOWARD THE TEMPLE (“My Gospel Standards” Car Puzzle) if you want to use this Car Puzzle activity for children.
$1.00 - Standards - For the Strength of Youth - Temple Preparation: LDS Lesson Activity: Trip to the Temple - "Strength of Youth" Car Puzzle, Come, Follow Me: Why are temple ordinances important?,

Help youth realize how making right choices (living “For the Strength of Youth” standards) can help you travel worthily and happily down the road of life to the temple and to a mission. DOWNLOAD “MY GOSPEL STANDARDS”

Ahead of Time: Find a picture of the temple to place in front of the cars.*
1. Print, color, and cut out two cars and one set of car parts, plus the “For the Strength of Youth” goal cards that follow.

2. Cut out the 19 statements (goal cards): “For the Strength of Youth” standards and place them in a container to draw from.
3. Cut out all the car parts good and bad and place them on the cars. 

ACTIVITY:YOUNG WOMEN LDS Lesson Helps, come follow me lesson match activities, lds, family home evening, arrow 1,
*Ahead of time, set up the two car puzzles on two posters or on the board with double-stick tape, as shown (Bad-broken down car on the left, and the good working car on the right). Place a picture of the temple over the cars.
To Present: Point to the temple picture and say, “The temple is God’s house, a holy place where only those who are worthy can enter. Great blessings await us in the temple. We can also help our ancestors and others receive these great blessings by performing ordinances like baptism and marriages for them.”

Tell youth, “If we are to be worthy to go to the temple, and/or serve a mission, we need to make worthy choices. Bad choices keep us away from the temple and serving a mission, and good choices help us to be worthy to enter the temple and serve a mission.”

STEP #1: Point to the broken-down car on the left and the good, working car on the right. Tell youth:

1. “Think of yourself as a car that needs working parts if you are to travel down the road that leads back to Heavenly Father. With this activity, we will build two different cars: one that is wrecked and broken down, and one that has good, working parts (point to each car as you describe them).

2. With a broken windshield, you can’t see. With a flat tire, the car won’t travel very far. With a dented fender and broken headlight, you wouldn’t be able to see where you are going at night. Each day we make choices that determine how our car will run. If you make a bad choice, you can fix it by repenting and not repeating the wrong choice. You can replace a flat with a good tire, a broken window with a good window, a dented fender and broken headlight with a good fender and with a working light.

3. To make life easy, we need to make good choices every day so we don’t have to keep stopping and repairing your car. Heavenly Father wants us to be worthy to go to the temple and to serve a mission when the time comes, so let’s keep our car in good working order by making good choices each day.

$1.00 - Gospel Standards - Temple Preparation: LDS Lesson Activity: Moving Toward the Temple - My Gospel Standards Car Puzzle, Come, Follow Me: Why are temple ordinances important?, gospelgrabbag.comSTEP #2: Take the parts off the poster/board and mix them up in a container (removing tape first). Have youth take turns drawing two puzzle pieces from the car-parts container and a “For the Strength of Youth” standard and reading it aloud. 

STEP #3: Have youth place the two car pieces on the cars, good or bad.
• For each BAD car part placed on the car they can name a wrong choice that might keep them from the temple relating to that “For the Strength of Youth” standard found on the goal card** (see goals listed below).
• For every GOOD car part placed they can name a blessing that would come from living that standard–
bringing them closer to the temple.

**GOALS – SUMMARY OF “FOR THE STRENGTH OF YOUTH” STANDARDS (found on the cards to draw from and read):
1. AGENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY:  I will be responsible for my choices. Heavenly Father wants me to use my agency to choose right from wrong. I will show my love for God by keeping His commandments. Good choices will lead me to a lasting happiness.
2. DATING: I will not date until I am 16. It will double date and not go steady until I am older. I will date only those with high moral standards. I will protect my honor and virtue. I will seek a companion who will take me to the temple.
3. DRESS AND APPEARANCE: My body is a temple of God. I will improve my dress and appearance. I will dress modestly and groom myself each day and select clothing that is not be tight, sheer, or revealing in any manner. The prophet has asked me to not be extreme in clothing or hairstyle and not disfigure my body with tattoos or body piercings. Young women can have ears pierced to wear one pair of earrings only.
4. EDUCATION: As I get a good education I can prepare for greater work and service. This will help me make wise decisions so I can counsel others. Include in my study spiritual learning by studying the scriptures and the words of the modern prophets. In Jacob 4:6 we are told if we “Search the prophets, and we have many revelations and the spirit of prophecy; and having all these witnesses we obtain a hope, and our faith becometh unshaken, insomuch that we truly can command in the name of Jesus and the very trees obey us, or the mountains, or the waves of the sea.”
5. ENTERTAINMENT AND MEDIA: I will choose movies, books, music, video games and other media that uplift and invite the Spirit. This way I can receive help to make right choices. I will walk away from or turn away from anything that is not virtuous or wholesome. I will guard my safety by not giving personal information, like where I live, to strangers.

6. FAMILY: I will: (1) Honor my parents, and obey them in righteous choices; (2) Be a friend to my brothers and sisters; (3) Be a peacemaker by being kind; (4) Be cheerful, helpful, and considerate of my family members; (5) Participate in wholesome family activities, like family prayer, scripture study, and family home evening; and (6) Decide now to be married in the temple when I start my  own family.
7. FRIENDS: I will seek good true friends who will give me strength and make it easy for me to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. Friends who live the gospel will encourage me to live high standards. I will make a special effort to be a friend to the shy or lonely or those with special needs. I need to be the one to stand for right, even if I stand alone. I will be a missionary.
8. GRATITUDE: I will find things to be grateful for, even in the most difficult times. I will thank Heavenly Father for blessings. I will show my gratitude by the way I live God’s commandments and serve others.
9. HONESTY AND INTEGRITY: I will choose thoughts and behave in a way that is in harmony with the gospel. I will be honest with myself and others, and God at all times. I will not lie, steal, cheat, or deceive in any way. This will help me serve God and others, raising my spirit and build my character.
10. MY LANGUAGE: I will choose friends who use good language. I will help others improve by being a good example and not gossiping or putting others down, even in joking. I will not swear, speak in anger, or say harsh or hurtful things. I will use the names of God and Jesus Christ with reverence and respect.
11. MUSIC AND DANCING: I will choose only music and dancing that will inspire me to draw closer to Heavenly Father. Music can affect my mind, spirit, and behavior. I will learn and sing Primary songs and hymns to help me choose the right.
12. PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH: My body is a temple, a gift from God. I will care for my body and obey the Word of Wisdom. I will eat nutritious food, exercise, and get enough sleep. I won’t take drugs; they can destroy my mind and body. I will be happy.
13. REPENTANCE: The Savior took upon Him the sins of everyone, making it possible for all to repent. As I admit my wrongdoings, it will change my mind and heart. I will turn away from sin and toward God. As I keep the commandments, I can be forgiven and find peace and joy.
14. SABBATH DAY OBSERVANCE: I will honor the Sabbath by attending all Church meetings. I will prepare to partake of the sacrament. I will be reverent and willing to learn to invite the Spirit during the week. I will behave and dress on the Sabbath to show respect for the Lord and His holy day.
15. SERVICE: I will be a true disciple of Jesus Christ by serving others. I must be willing to bear others burdens and comfort those in need of comfort. I will begin serving in my own home, then later in school and in my community. I can serve by doing temple work, performing baptisms for my ancestors. I can also serve by sharing the gospel. As I serve, my heart will be filled with love.
16. SEXUAL PURITY: I will keep my body like a temple. I will not touch or let others touch my body in private places. My body is sacred. I will avoid temptation by not having sleepovers where parents are not there to watch over me. If I am abused in any way, I will tell my parents or bishop.
17. TITHES AND OFFERINGS: To enter the temple, I will need to be a full tithe payer. A tithe is one-tenth of my income. I will pay it because I love the Lord and have faith in Him. I will pay it with a thankful heart and attend tithing settlement. I will fast and encourage my parents to pay fast offerings. I can also give extra money to fast offerings and to the missionary fund.
18. WORK AND SELF-RELIANCE: I will learn to work by starting at home. Work will help me prepare for a mission and serve. I will learn to care for myself and others. I will not be idle or waste time. I will set goals and be dependable. I will learn to save and handle my money, paying tithing.
19. GO FORWARD WITH FAITH: I will ask myself if I am living the way the Lord wants me to live. I will learn the gospel standards and strive to be obedient. I will kneel in prayer each morning and night to express gratitude and the desires of my heart. I will study the scriptures each day to strengthen my testimony. I will attend the temple when possible. I will be humble and listen to the Holy Ghost so I can respond to His promptings.

TESTIMONY SHARING: Ask youth to share their testimony on the following. Ideas: Why are temple ordinances important? Temple ordinances lead to the greatest blessings available to Heavenly Father’s children. These ordinances prepare us to live forever with Heavenly Father and our families after this life. They bless us with spiritual power and direction during mortality. In the temple, we can also receive essential ordinances in behalf of ancestors who died without having the opportunity to receive these ordinances for themselves.

THOUGHT TREAT:  “Wheel”-ing Crackers. Using processed cheese from the can/tube draw a car wheel’s hubcaps (like the drawing on the activity above). Tell children/youth that if they are “wheel”ing to keep God’s commandments, He will be willing to keep His promises and give you eternal temple blessings, plus temporal blessings while you live on the earth.

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Standards – For the Strength of Youth – Temple Preparation: LDS Lesson Activity: Trip to the Temple – “Strength of Youth” Car Puzzle, Come, Follow Me: Why are temple ordinances important?