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Teaching music just got easier!

Children learn to memorize songs with visuals, and here you can download a visual for every verse for those precious Primary songs.

Primary music leaders can use them for singing time and parents use them during family home evening. Children will enjoy learning a new song with these picture-perfect visuals you can post or mount on wooden craft-sticks.

Plus you will find tons of motivational activities to help them sing, e.g., pick-a-song, singing meters, super singer awards and more.



#1 2017 SHARING TIME Practice Song Visuals

#2 SONG VISUALS by Title

#3 SONG VISUALS by Subject

#4 ACTIVITIES for Singing Fun

Singing Fun STORE

Here you can download the visuals to teach over 80 Primary children’s songs found in the Children’s Songbook, Hymns and Friend magazine. You no longer need to search for pictures to teach the songs we have done it for you with these bright and easy-to-learn visuals. Now they are at your fingertips to download and print in color or black-and-white.

FUN Ways to Use Song Visuals:

The visuals can be cut out and mounted on wooden craft sticks for children to hold, hung with clips along a string-line, or they can hold them as they are. Mount or print them on cardstock or photo paper to keep them from bending while children are holding them. Laminating or placing in plastic sheet protectors will keep them nice and improve longevity.

1. Memory Game: Use visuals to teach song a verse at a time. You can increase children’s memory by reviewing the verse of a song using the visuals and then taking random visuals away until they feel confident they can remember the song. 

2. Mix them up! Once children have learned a song, mix up the visuals and pass them to various children. Let the children come up to the front and put them back in order and then sing the song.

3. Guess the Song: Place one visual from different songs in a pillowcase and have the children come up and choose one. See if the children can guess the song from that one visual and sing the song once it is guessed. This is a fun activity to play for points in teams or boys against the girls.

4. Singing Soft and Loud: You can have children go out of the room while you hide one and then sing the song softer when they are far away and louder when they are getting closer to picture. Repeat as time allows.


The visuals are organized by song codes. Look for the code on the bottom of the page and on the corresponding cue card. For example, for the song “Nephi’s Courage”, we have written the code for each visual as follows: CS 120-2-5 meaning Children’s Songbook, page 120, verse 2, phrase 5. Songs that have a chorus will have a “C” in place of the verse number on each of the visuals. You will be able to quickly put the visuals in order if they get mixed-up by following the song codes. 


The words are left off of the visuals for the following reasons:
1. Copyright laws prohibit gospelgrabbag.com from including the lyrics without the author’s express permission.
2. However, you can write the words or phrases in your own language at the bottom of the visuals. We suggest writing in large easy-to-read letters a keyword or a sentence starter. For example for the “Nephi’s Courage” song: “Nephi’s older brothers” will get them started and help children finish the phrase: “believed it would not float.”

We have provided CUE CARDS to be glued on the back of the visuals that will help the leader recall the words along with a small thumbnail of the visual being shown. You may write in the corresponding words for each cue card if you choose to do so. 

We have provided a link to go directly to the lyrics on the church website for each available song.

TO FIND LESSON ACTIVITIES on this subjects go to the A-Z Index.

SHARING TIME Practice Song Visuals
ACTIVITIES for Singing Fun

Singing Fun STORE


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9 thoughts on “Singing – Music

  • April 25, 2014 at 2:26 pm

    Do you have the songs in just black and white, along with the colored visuals? I usually have my kids help me color them while we discuss the songs and that seems to help them remember the lessons behind the songs as they have more effort and time invested in learning them.

    I love your “stuff”!!! Have been involved with primary for 20+ years and have always gone for your books and ideas first. I love using them with my own children for FHE. Thank you so much for your great work and sharing your artistic creativity without those of us whose talents do not lean towards the drawing arts.

    • April 25, 2014 at 2:34 pm

      The visual image-impressions that Jennette Guymon-King’s artwork creates is timeless, and I agree with your wanting to color them. All of the Song Visuals and Singing Fun Activities come in color and black and white.

      These are great teaching tools not only for Primary but for family home evening. It is parents like you and music leaders like you, children and teens are sure to learn gospel principles through song. – Mary Ross, Author

  • October 17, 2014 at 12:44 pm

    First of all, I love you site! I am a visual learner and need visual clues to help me learn so thank you for helping create ways to reach those children that have that learning style. Your site is very user friendly. I had been chorister about 10 years ago and loved the books (I think they were called Primary Partners back then) and I had the children all color a page that we used to help learn the songs and it was very interactive for them.

    Having been called as chorister again, I was looking for those books and was excited to find your site where I could easily order the songs I wanted and get them within minutes! Thank you!

    • October 17, 2014 at 1:01 pm

      Enjoy your calling! I think the Singing Leader is the most important job in the Primary, because what is it that children remember most throughout their years while growing up? The songs! When they remember those songs, they are forever changed.

  • July 20, 2015 at 11:31 pm

    I’m so excited to have found this website!! I’ll be back! Thanks for saving me today in singing time!!

    • July 20, 2015 at 11:35 pm

      Thanks Jaime. You must be a great leader with enthusiasm. “Enthus” is a Greek word meaning “God within.”

  • January 6, 2016 at 11:06 pm

    So grateful for your talents to help us do our jobs better. Lillian Shaheen

  • June 5, 2016 at 3:30 am

    I’m so grateful for all the work that you and Jennette do to make my life in Primary so much better!

    I’m a chorister and I find so many uses for your flip charts, games and activities. I especially love that I can download them from your web site, go and get them printed with a color printer (saving me so much time!) I then laminate them and they are wonderful!

    I love the illustrations for my preschoolers. I can teach the concepts because they see the artwork which helps them understand what we are singing! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents with me.

    • June 5, 2016 at 4:30 am

      With leaders like you; no wonder the children are learning to sing. When you put your heart into it; they too will sing with all their heart. Thanks for being a great song leader. Jennette does put a lot of work and love into the visuals. Thanks for requesting the new Reverence Is Love song visuals; we hope you enjoy them.


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