Developing Talents – Goal 7

  Theme: Closet Class

Subject: Help around the home, obeying and honoring parents
USE FOR Faith in God Activity Days Activity or Family Home Evening

GOAL 7 – List five things you can do to help around your home. Discuss the importance of obeying and honoring your parents and learning how to work.

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Closet Class! (organize room and wardrobe)
1. Obtain a Will Sloppy Sal Lose Her Pal? story and a Closet Class! handout, then read them.
2. Set Goals for Orderly Closet. Talk about Sloppy Sal, about hanging up clothes and caring for them, and about your goals for a clean room and a classy closet.
3. Basic Wardrobe Talk. Show how a basic wardrobe is put together, reading, planning, and noting on the Closet Class handout your wardrobe plans, e.g., Boosters #1 and 2 filling in blanks.
4. Draw Closet. On the Closet Class! handout, draw your organized closet inside the closet drawing (shown).
5. Closet Tour. Have a closet inspection by getting ready ahead of time and taking the others on a tour of your closet, sharing ideas on how you organized your clothing and shoes.
6. Ironing Lesson. Bring one item you have trouble ironing, and have someone demonstrate proper techniques.
7. Shoe Shine Kit. Have someone show you how to polish, brush, and shine shoes. You can sew up a drawstring cotton bag to use for storing shoe polishes, rags, and brushes at your home. Talk about keeping shoes clean, and about changing and washing shoelaces regularly. You can put colorful shoelaces and ribbons in shoes.
8. Orderly Dresser Drawers. Talk about how to keep drawers orderly, keeping the things you use the most where you can reach them easily. Add sachets and drawer liners to lingerie and underwear drawers.
9. Budget Clothing Field Trip. Visit second-hand or budget clothing stores and find two matching outfits.

THOUGHT TREAT (Button Cookies). Top cookies with an edible button by flattening a gumdrop, rolling it in sugar, and punching holes with a straw.

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HOMEMAKING: LDS Activity Days – Developing Talents – Goal 7, help at home, honor parents, learn how to work

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  • March 2, 2014 at 8:08 am

    I was looking over lesson ideas for The Faith in God, developing talents, goal 7, it suggested to obtain a copy of, Will Sloppy Sal Lose Her Pal? Where can I find it? I have found nothing in any of my searches!

    • March 3, 2014 at 5:28 am

      I am sending this to you. Sorry it is not ready to download yet. Thank you. The girls will love the Will Sloppy Sal Lose Her Pal? story. It might be fun for you to do this as a skit so they will really get the message or see the contrast of a neat verses a sloppy girl.

  • May 21, 2014 at 10:18 pm

    I would like the handouts and story. It’s unfortunate that they are not conveniently made available. I do appreciate you posting this idea. I’m just less likely to use it since I cannot find the resources for the activity.

    • May 22, 2014 at 11:13 pm

      Sorry. This activity is only in the Primary Partners Super Socials book now. The CD-ROM is no longer available. If you want these fun activities you will need to purchase the book and color the images.

      It’s a great find while supplies last.

      Hopefully eventually they will be on this website for download, but for now find the book. SEE THE HOME PAGE TO know where to purchase it.

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