PRAYER – Godhead: LDS Lesson Activity – “How can I know my Heavenly Father?” Sweet Hour of Prayer song – prayer list

Sweet Hour of Prayer verse prayer list


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ACTIVITY: “Sweet Hour of Prayer” verse  prayer list

YOUNG WOMEN LDS Lesson Helps, Activities to match lessons, lesson ideas, arrow 1, gospelgrabbag.comYouth can place this “Sweet Hour of Prayer” verse tent card on their nightstand to remind them of things they want to pray about during their “Sweet” hour of prayer (making a list of things on the backside they wish to pray about).

$0.50 - PRAYER: Come unto Christ Mutual Theme Come Follow Me - Young Women Lesson Activity and Ideas,, YWn.02TO MAKE: Print activity in color or black and white. Fold. Place a jewel or metal brad to secure clock hands (painting brad with colored nail polish or paint). If possible, cut out hands with heavy clear so words can show.

TESTIMONY SHARING: The following week ask youth to bear their testimony of how they communicate with Heavenly Father as outlined in the curriculum: “We are daughters of our Heavenly Father, who loves us and wants us to draw near to Him. He has given us the opportunity to pray to Him and has promised to hear and answer our prayers. We can also come to know Him as we study the scriptures and the words of latter-day prophets and as we strive to become more like Him by following His will.”

More Learning Activities:

1. Talk about patriarchal blessings and about earthly fathers—what they want for their children and what they do for their children. Discuss what Heavenly Father does and wants for His children, and things He gives us to help us. 2. Have youth write a letter of appreciation to their Heavenly Father and put it in a sealed envelope. Tell them to nourish these feelings so they will grow. Have them put the letter in their journal for one year. 3. After the year is up, have them then write another letter to Heavenly Father, expressing appreciation and love, then compare by re-reading the letter from the previous year. 4. Then have them repeat steps 2–3 and compare the feelings from one year to the next, watching their love increase.

Give each youth a helium balloon and ask them to take it home. When they are alone, they can write a note to Heavenly Father on the balloon with a marker, sharing thoughts of gratitude for His plan of salvation, listing personal goals. Then they can sign it and let it soaring toward heaven, or let the air go out slowly—shrinking down, and keeping balloon as a reminder of their love for Him and that their love should never shrink.

YOUNG WOMEN LDS Lesson Helps, Activities to match lessons, lesson ideas, arrow 2, gospelgrabbag.comPresenting Activity to Young Women or Young Men


January: “The Godhead”

   “We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ,
and in the Holy Ghost”
 (Articles of Faith 1:1).

“Come Follow Me” Lesson:
How can I know my Heavenly Father?

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  1. sofia says:

    this is awesome!

  2. Julie Grice says:

    Hi, Thank you so much for your talents! This is so wonderful!
    I cant seem to be able to download the activities though. Any suggestions??

  3. Kelly says:

    I’m trying to download the “Sweet Hour of Prayer” handout and there aren’t any active links to click on. Any chance you could email the download to me? I think this is adorable and would love to use it for my lesson tomorrow. Thank you!
    Kelly Adams.

  4. Julie Jordan-yardley says:

    Could not pull or download any of the activity handouts for January. The one in particular I was hoping for was on the sweet hour of prayer. Any suggestions as to why cannot download.

  5. Lynette Ballard says:

    These are great. I can’t seem to figure out how to download the sweet hour of prayer clock so that I can print one out for each girl. Am I doing something wrong? 🙂 Thanks!

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