GOLDEN RULE: Primary CTR-B, Lesson 44, Primary 3 manual, Do unto Others, Primary Lesson Helps, Sunday Savers book or CD-ROM, Gospel Grab Bag, gospelgrabbag.comLesson 44 – Do unto Others
CTR-B, Ages 4-7

Use For: Primary Lesson, Family Home Evening, Sharing Time

TO FIND LESSON: Present Lesson 44 – Primary 3 Manual – CTR-B: Do unto Others.

OBJECTIVE: The lesson helps children  respect other people and their possessions. Review handout and chalkboard activity (p. 221) in the manual for which the following activity illustrates.

ACTIVITY: Golden Ruler
This ruler can help children learn ways to do good unto others as they follow the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” found in Matthew 7:12, and Luke 6:31.
Salt Dough/Drawing Activity: Lesson activity suggests children mold their favorite possession out of salt dough/Play Dough. However, it might be easier and less expensive and time consuming if they draw their favorite possession on paper. This way you can sit around a table and talk about it as they draw (one item–or this could take up the entire class).

Sunday Savers books and CD-ROMs, Primary lesson activities, CTR-B, Primary 3 manual, Activities to Make Learning Fun, Gospel Grab Bag, gospelgrabbag.comTO OBTAIN ACTIVITY:
You will need to purchase the Sunday Savers CTR-B book or CD-ROM.

Click HERE to buy it online. Or visit your nearby LDS bookstore.

TO MAKE: Print or copy, color, and cut out the visual for each child on cardstock paper. Tape or glue part B to the bottom of part A where indicated and laminate.

THOUGHT TREAT (when appropriate): Golden Ruler Wafer Cookies. Purchase ruler-shaped yellow wafer cookies. Tell children that they will be happy when they follow the Golden Rule written on the Golden Ruler handout.


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Kindness – Do unto Others, Primary Lesson Helps, Primary 3 CTR-B, Lesson 44