Fasting, Prayer, Testimony: “Try Fasting With Pizza!” Match Game and Doorknob Hanger – Post-and-Present Activity: for Sharing Time or Family Home Evening

Use for Young Women, Young Men, Family Home Evening, Primary Sharing Time, or Activity Days POST-AND-PRESENT ACTIVITY: Try Fasting with Pizza! Match Game and Door Hanger Reminder OBJECTIVE: Help youth learn about fasting and prayer by putting together a PIZZA puzzle. Then give them

FASTING – Revelation: LDS Lesson Activity: Try Fasting with Pizza! “Why do we fast?” revelation

Use for Young Women, Young Men, Family Home Evening, Primary Sharing Time, or Activity Days ACTIVITY: Try Fasting with Pizza! door hanger fasting reminder & SCRIPTURE SCRAMBLE Game to find Mystery Words to Find Read Doctrine and Covenants 88:76 and challenge youth