LESSON ACTIVITIES FOR “Behold Your Little Ones” NURSERY – The book and CD-ROM “Sunday Savers For Nursery-Age Children” contains 60 activities to make learning fun for Primary. Featured for each lesson are two activities: (1) Craft activity and (2) Coloring page with HOME ACTIVITY at the bottom where parents can read what the child has learned and review the subject.


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3 Ways to Purchase all 60 activities (two for each lesson (1 craft and 1 coloring poster to fit your Nursery’s needs):
(1) Online: Click BOOK or CD-ROM.
(2) LDS bookstores.
(3) Call 1-800-662-9545 and press 0 to reach the publisher, Covenant Communications.

pinterest, gospelgrabbag.comClick on the lesson number below to find each activity. VIEW ALL ON PINTEREST BELOW.

Sunday Savers Nursery Activities for Lessons 1-30 (you will find TWO activities for each lesson): 1a 1b   2a 2b   3a 3b  4a 4b  5a 5b  6a 6b  7a 7b  8a 8b  9a 9b  10a 10b  11a 11b  12a 12b  13a 13b  14a 14b  15a 15b  16a 16b  17a 17b  18a 18b  19a 19b  20a 20b  21a 21b  22a 22b  23a 23b  24a 24b  25a 25b  26a 26b  27a 27b  28a 28b  29a 29b  30a 30b

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6a 6b  7a 7b  8a 8b  9a 9b

Click HERE to locate lessons in the Behold Your Little Ones nursery manual from lds.org.

The activities match the lesson activities outlined in the Behold Your Little Ones nursery manual. Shown are just a few. Click on each of the following to find two activities for each lesson.

How do you teach a two-year-old about reverence? How can you help a toddler learn to appreciate the scriptures? You’re already well on your way to the right answers with Sunday Saver for Nursery! all 30 lesson topics in this book or CD-ROM (sold separately) are cross-referenced in numerical order to the associated lesson in the Primary Behold Your Little Ones manual. Each topic includes two different activities to accommodate the differing learning and activity levels of nursery-age children. With appealing artwork and fun-to-do games and crafts, Sunday Savers for Nursery is sure to be a hit with children who are learning about the gospel and with adults who teach them. Use it every week in Primary … but don’t forget family home evening, where you and the kids can have more fun than you have had in a long time!

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Nursery Treat Bucket (see pattern in book or CD-ROM – shown below):



1. Super Little Singers book and CD-ROM

2. Nursery Sing-along

Super Little Singers is in full color and ready to use in book (blank on the back so visuals can be torn out and used immediately). These visuals help teach songs that match the nursery lessons. So when you purchase the Sunday Savers Nursery book or CD-ROM you will see references in most of the lessons for these singing activities.

Click BOOK or CD-ROM to purchase our products from Deseretbook’s website http://deseretbook.com/ or call our publisher Covenant to order: Call 801-664-9545 and press 101. Or, you can ask for them at your nearest LDS bookstore.


Make singing time the best time with Super Little Singers! With enjoyable songs and fun-to-learn visuals, action activities, and singing motivators, children will sound like a chorus of angels in Nursery, Primary, or family home evening.

Each song activity is printed in full color, on tear-out-and-use pages, featuring 21 songs from the Children’s Songbook, along with 7 all-time favorites such as “Wheels on the Bus,” “Eensy Weensy Spider,” “Old McDonald,” and more.

Whether you’re a singing leader looking for some new ideas, or a parent searching for ways to teach your children beloved songs, the good times and learning will roll on week after week as you get everyone involved in these fun singing games and activities.

CD-ROM includes full-color graphics and an image browser.

3 Ways to Purchase:
(1) Online: Click BOOK or CD-ROM.
(2) LDS bookstores.
(3) Call 1-800-662-9545 and press 0 to reach the publisher, Covenant Communications.

Click HERE to go to the next age group lessons SUNBEAMS, Primary 1 lesson match activities.

Click HERE to go to the Table of Contents to find all of the Sunday Savers lesson match activity books and CD-ROMs and preview all 600 plus activities.

Nursery Treat Bucket: Behold Your Little Ones, Sunday Savers book or CD-ROM, lesson 1, gospelgrabbag.comNOTE: When using the CD-ROM and you can’t find the SUNNY SUNDAY SACK – shown below – pattern (to store activities) or TREAT BUCKET pattern, look to the end of the lesson list to find these graphics. Sorry we didn’t put them in the Introduction section.SUNBEAM "Sunny Sunday" show-and-tell sack to store activities, Sunday Savers, Sunbeam book or CD-ROM activities for Primary, family home evening, gospelgrabbag.com


6 thoughts on “Nursery – Age 2, Behold Your Little Ones manual

  • January 28, 2016 at 6:23 am

    Hi can the nursery sunday savers be purchased as a downloadable file as I am in Australia and shipping alone is 92.00 US dollars which is excessive.

    • February 13, 2016 at 11:36 am

      Amanda, my friend is visiting Australia next week from the uk and I have a cd you can have let me know if you want it and I can get her to post it she is visiting Perth

      • February 14, 2016 at 12:43 pm

        Hi Rosemary, I would absolutely love that . I can pay for shipping from Perth and pay for postage .if any other expenses are required please let me know. If this is OK you can reach me on email amandalualua@gmail.com :-).

  • September 21, 2016 at 3:29 pm

    By Jenn Swart, Submitted on 2016-01-07
    If you are looking for that little extra something in your lesson each week, then buy this CD ROM. It is absolutely fabulous. 3 year old children fresh from the nursery go through such an amazing transformation their first year in Primary. Coming from a playtime environment with snacks and treats to a more structured, learning environment with spiritual stimulation allows you as the teacher to witness their growth right before your eyes.

    The activities on this CD ROM not only get their attention but help them retain what you (by the Spirit) are teaching them. Parents will enjoy the fact that they can use the activities you send home to re-enforce gospel principles throughout the week. They are great for Family Home Evening and just about anytime you want to invite the Spirit into your home.

    You can print them in black and white, or color. Letting the children color their own activity is very engaging, but for the lessons that can foster a bigger impact both during class and at home, print them in color. I prefer to laminate those activities so they can be used over and over again.

    A few of my favorites are:

    Lesson 4 I can Pray to my Heavenly Father – the activity is of Daniel in the Lions Den – lamenated with detachable Daniel and Lions via velcro coins makes this a forever keepsake activity for the children you teach. They will enjoy retelling the story with their very own visual aid.

    Lesson 16 I love my body – this activity includes the face of Daniel, mouth slit open, which allows for paper food to slide in like he is eating. Printing in color and on cardstock makes the food easy to put in his mouth.

    Lesson 24 I love my brothers and sisters – this activity of the baby Moses scene lets the children tell the story of how baby Moses was put in a basket and how his sister followed him on his was to Pharohs wife.

    Lesson 31 I am thankful for my home – activity is the picture of a jar on a piece of paper with tasks (jobs) the children can complete at home. This one is one of my all time favorites!

    You will see as the year goes by, there will be no need for a food distraction when the children are being taught lessons outlined by the church coupled with activities to reinforce what is being taught.

    Thank you ladies for your creativity that allows me to help teach choice spirits of our Heavenly Father!

  • December 26, 2016 at 12:18 am

    I purchased this and love it! The only problem is we purchased a new Apple and no longer have a dvd rom. Any suggestion? I haveMany of your primary Cd,s and would love to acces them from home.

    • December 27, 2016 at 4:40 am

      We have a MAC also and can print from the MAC. It reads on the latest CD-ROMS: WINDOWS/MAC CD-ROM. If you have an older version perhaps you could take it to a copy / print shop and they can print them for you. You can also contact our publisher for this 1-800-664-9545.


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