Newsletter Contents (Parts 1-3):
1. Seasonal Surprises on MOM’S “Home” and “Family” 

2. Just Added to the Bag! – ColorQuotes for Young Women
3. MAY Magic! Spotlight for Sharing Time, Activity Days, Young Women, and Primary

May header banner,

Part 1: 
Seasonal Surprises to Support Mom on “Home” and “Family”
•  6 ColorQuotes to match the May youth lesson themes (see below)
•  1 FHE Chart to delegate
•  8 Post-and-Present Activities, e.g., Home “Tweet” Home Building Project  
•  1 “Tornado Timer” list to do jobs for Mom
•  4 Love-at-Home song visuals   
•  2 Happy Family singing motivators
•  9 Short-and-Sweet activities on “Home” and “Family”
•  1 Scripture Poster / Cards

Go Here to Find May – Seasonal Surprises printables

Part 2:
Just Added to the Bag!
6 ColorQuotes for Young Women – May Lessons

Just Added to the Bag, new activities,

YOUNG WOMEN ColorQuotes – May Theme: Prophets and Revelations
Objective: Print a quote for youth to color for each lesson. They come black and white (to color) and in color.
The bundle package contains 6 quotes (36 printable pages) in 3 sizes: 8 x 10 poster, 5 x 7 mirror motivator, and note card.

Part 3
MAY MAGIC! Spotlight:

1. Activities to DOWNLOAD
2. Activities to purchase in books and CD-ROMs

HEADER: Young Women - Come, Follow Me,

Activities to Add to and Enhance “Come, Follow Me” Lessons

〉 NEW for MayColorQuotes one for every lesson 1-6

〉 Young Women MAY PREVIEW or preview all on PINTEREST
JUNE PREVIEW on PINTEREST coming up next month

〉 Young Women – January – December

〉 Young Women – Gospel Grab Bag STORE

HEADER: Family Home Evening - Sharing Time,


Here you can download printables and preview the current Sharing Time book / CD for 2017 Theme: Choose the Right.
1. DOWNLOAD Printables From with a CTR banner, bookmark, and poster
2. PURCHASE (with the Sunday Savers: Sharing Fun book / CD-ROM you will have an activity for every lesson)
preview all on PINTEREST or below

〉 Primary Sharing Time / Family Home Evening – MAY 

〉 Primary Sharing Time / FHE – January – December

〉 Primary Sharing Time / FHE ANYTIME – Gospel Grab Bag STORE

〉Primary Extras (banner, posters, bookmarks)

HEADER: Scripture Posters and Cards - Standard Works,

preview all on PINTEREST or below

〉 Primary Scripture Posters / Cards – Jan. – Dec. Bundle for 2017

〉 Primary Scripture Posters / Cards – January – December – 2017

〉 Scripture Posters / Cards – A-Z Index

〉 Scripture Posters / Cards – Articles of Faith

〉 Scripture Posters / Cards – STANDARD WORKS:
1. Bible: Old Testament & New Testament
2. The Book of Mormon

3. D&C, Pearl of Great Price, Prophets

Scripture Posters – Gospel Grab Bag STORE

HEADER: Singing Fun Activities - Song Visuals,

Prepare Children to Sing Songs in Sacrament Meeting Presentation

preview all on song visuals PINTEREST or below
preview all singing activities on PINTEREST or below

〉Singing Activities & Visuals for 2017 

〉 Song Visuals by Title

〉 Song Visuals by Subject

SINGING ACTIVITIES to Motivate Singing

Singing Time – Gospel Grab Bag STORE

HEADER: Faith in God Activity Day,

“Faith in God” Activity Days Program for Girls 8-11
preview all on PINTEREST or click below to view all

Learning and Living the Gospel – Goals 1-10 KITS*

〉Serving Others – Goals 1-10 KITS*

〉Developing Talents – Goals 1-10 KITS*

〉Preparing for Young Women – Goals 1-5 Planners

*ACTIVITY DAYS GOAL KITS CONTAIN: Invitation and an activity or two for each goal 

Primary header banner,

For 2017, to teach children ages 8-11 in Primary or in family  home evening, we have created the Sunday Savers series of books and CD-ROMs with an activity for every lesson for the manuals.

This month we are SPOTLIGHTING the Doctrine and Covenants and Church History activities to teach Primary Manual 5 lessons, previewed on PINTEREST or HERE on We have these for all the lesson manuals (found in the PRIMARY section).


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