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2018 Sharing Time Theme is “I Am a Child of God,” and we have an activity to match every lesson this year. To start planning ahead, start with: 
January Sharing Time
• SCRIPTURE posters/cards
 Song Visuals
2018 Sharing TIme book, Activities for I Am a Child of God theme, Sunday Savers Sharing Fun ActivitiesNEW ITEM #2

Shown above is our new 2018 Sunday Savers: Sharing Fun! I Am a Child of God book you can purchase in bookstores at the end of November or online. It contains 18 Sharing Time activities to copy in black-and-white. If you want the images in color you will need to purchase them from this website. There is no CD-ROM this year. THE GOOD NEWS IS, you can DOWNLOAD all of there here (in color only). See book cover shown on these. If you want black-and-white images, you will need to purchase the book. START HERE – January.

$3.00 January Sharing Time Lesson for Weeks 2 and 3 Theme: "Heavenly Father’s plan is a plan of happiness." ACTIVITY 1 of 2: Plan of Happiness Premortal, Mortal, and Postmortal Game POST-AND-PRESENT, Use For: Primary Sharing Time, Family Home Evening, Come Follow Me,


2018 “I Am a Child of God” banner, poster and cards, and bookmark (shown) DOWNLOAD HERE.
$4.00 2018 "I Am a Child of God" Primary Theme BANNER for Sharing Time,




November – 2018 Spotlight

HEADER: Young Women - Come, Follow Me, GospelGrabBag.comPERSONAL PROGRESS PLANNERS are coming soon found in the “Young Women Fun-tastic! Planners” book. The CD-ROM is no longer available so you can download them here. – COMING SOON

NOVEMBER Come Follow Me – Theme “Spiritual and Temporal Self-reliance”. (BUNDLES & individual activities) – Here are 56 activities to choose from starting with these first 8

Lesson 1 “What does it mean to be self-reliant?”

SELF RELIANCE, NOVEMBER Theme 3 What does it mean to be self-reliant? 4-Activities KIT-Bundle
$4.00 KIT YW Oct. 4 Activities Come Follow Me - How can I develop Christlike love?

〉 Young Women – 2017 – 2018 January – December

〉 Young Women – Gospel Grab Bag STORE

HEADER: Family Home Evening - Sharing Time,

FAMILY HOME EVENING: All of the Sharing Time activities are great for children and Come Follow Me activities great for youth.

SHARING TIME: We have an activity for every lesson. Start with NOVEMBER and DECEMBER. Then 2018 JANUARY.

This is scheduled for NOVEMBER 2018 – Also great for NOVEMBER 2017:
“Extra-Miler Turkey Blessings Find”

$3.50 GRATITUDE - GIVING THANKS: Activity: "Don't Just Gobble Up Blessings (Extra-Miler Thankful Turkey-Feather Find)", Primary Sharing Time, Come Follow Me, Activity Days, family home evening,

HEADER: Scripture Posters and Cards - Standard Works,

SCRIPTURE POSTERS AND CARDS: We have the monthly Sharing Time Theme scriptures ready for you in a large poster, medium, and card size. Children can view the large poster in Primary and the smaller poster in class. Then take home the black-and-white card size to memorize. Reward them with the colored version of the card. 
• JANUARY 2018 purchase the bundles 1-4 starting with this one for January – March

HEADER: Singing Fun Activities - Song Visuals,

MUSIC TIME PRACTICE SONGS just got easier with the song visuals fully-illustrated. No more looking for pictures to match the words. They are ready with fun ways to display. Plus we have activities to make singing fun.
NOVEMBER – “I Hope They Call Me on a Mission” – DOWNLOAD HERE
JANUARY – “I Am a Child of God” – DOWNLOAD HERE


〉 Song Visuals by Title

〉 Song Visuals by Subject

〉 SINGING ACTIVITIES to Motivate Singing

Singing Time – Gospel Grab Bag STORE

HEADER: Faith in God Activity Day,

Our “Super Activity Days and Socials” book is still in print, however the CD-ROM is no longer available. Soon we will hall all activities here to download in color. COMING SOON.

“Faith in God” Activity Days Program for Girls 8-11

〉 Learning and Living the Gospel – Goals 1-10 KITS*

FOLLOW THE PROPHET: Activity Days: Learning and Living the Gospel, Goal 4 Invitation, Activity: Prophet Ponder Guessing Game and doorknob hanger,

〉 Serving Others – Goals 1-9 KITS*

Activity Days: Serving Others - Faith in God GOAL 5: Invitation, Activities: Old McDonald song and game, Babysitting Basics poster, Ducks-in-a-Row emergency list,
〉 Developing Talents – Goals 1-10 KITS*

Activity Days: Developing Talents Goal 4 Invitation, Creative Works of Art: nature prints, and rock tic-tac-toe game,

〉 Preparing for Young Women – Goals 1-5 Planners
ACTIVITY DAYS Preparing Girls for Young Women - Planner Forms,

*ACTIVITY DAYS GOAL KITS CONTAIN: Invitation and an activity or two for each goal 

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For 2017, to teach children ages 8-11 in Primary or in family home evening, we have created the Sunday Savers series of books and CD-ROMs with an activity for every lesson for the manuals (get them while they last). Watch for 2018 series to match every lesson in the manuals 1-7 and Nursery (Lesson 30 shown).

Christmas: Jesus Christ Is the Son of Heavenly Father, Primary Lesson Helps, Behold Your Little Ones – Nursery, Lesson 30, Sunday Savers,

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