A THOUGHT TREAT can leave a sweet impression of the scriptures or help brighten a lesson concept. It helps children and teens remember and associate something tangable or tasteable with the gospel.

For every lesson taught, if a treat is in order, here’s a list you can click on by subject to reinforce your teaching through their tastebuds.

Note: Most of the time treats are not encouraged during Primary or Sunday School. On special occasions you be the judge. However they are always great for family home evening. They are also thought provoking for youth (Young Women and Young Men) and Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching. The Thought Treat message will help you teach a concept in a really sweet way!

View the treats/subjects below or go to the A-Z Lesson INDEX on top menu of this website to find the right lesson THOUGHT TREAT or the right lesson. Here you are sure to find some really sweet ideas. Look for the treat that follows most lessons.

FOR EXAMPLE: For the I Am a Child of God Nursery lesson 1 activity, see the Thought Treat* idea to match the lesson. Click on the subjects below to find treats and lesson plans, or find individual lessons under the Primary or Young Women categories at the top of this website).

*THOUGHT TREAT:  Earth-shaped Candy Malt Balls. Show children earth soil. Explain that we chose to come here to earth. We left our heavenly home, but we can return when it is time. Even older children and teens love the simple ideas attached to even the Nursery, Sunbeam, and other Primary lessons.

Smile and Frown Sugar Cookies – “Wheely Repent!” Repentance Wheel

Opposition Eggs – Turn Trials into Triumphs game

 Banana Love Boats – Smooth-Sailing Family – Lovey’s-Landing S.O.S. Game post and present

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