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Developing Talents – GOAL 6

Subject: Education – Study Habits
GOAL 6 –
Read D&C 88:118. Discuss what it means to “seek learning, even by study and also by faith.” Improve your personal study habits by doing such things as learning how to choose and read good books or being prepared for school each day.

Activity Details: I Will Improve My Study Habits . . . READ MORE
INCLUDES: Invitation, “Bee” Smart and Read with All Your Heart book cover,  Good Book reading list, and Smart Bees and Hearts checkers

Developing Talents – GOAL 7

Subjects: Housework – Homemaking
GOAL 7 –
List five things you can do to help around your home. Discuss the importance of obeying and honoring your parents and learning how to work.

Activity Details: Helping at Home . . . READ MORE 
INCLUDES: Invitation and Tornado Timer – Quick Housekeeping List

Developing Talents – GOAL 8

Subjects: Teach Gospel Principles – Writing
GOAL 8 –
Plan a physical fitness program for yourself that may include learning to play a sport or game. Participate in the program for one month.

Activity Details: Develop Strength . . . READ MORE 
INCLUDES: Invitation and Spread My Wings exercise routine

Developing Talents – GOAL 9

Subjects: Health – Nutrition – Grooming – Modesty
GOAL 9 –
Learn about and practice good nutrition, good health, and good grooming, including modest dress.

Activity Details: Good Choices for My Body . . . READ MORE
INCLUDES: Invitation and Do I Groan or Glow? – Pin the Choices on Groany Joni or Glowy Cloe

Developing Talents – GOAL 10

Subjects: Talents
GOAL 10 –
Plan and complete your own activity that will help you develop your talents.                                                                                              

Activity Details: I Will Develop My Talents . . . READ MORE 
INCLUDES: Invitation and Arm Yourself with Talents – Talented Octopus



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