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Developing Talents – GOAL 1

Subject: Tithing – Saving and Budgeting Money
Learn how to budget and save money. Discuss why it is important to faithfully pay our tithing and how Heavenly Father blesses us when we do (see 3 Nephi 24:10–11). Pay your tithing and begin saving for a mission.                                                                                               

Activity Details: I Will Pay Tithing and Save . . . READ MORE 
INCLUDES: Invitation, My Cash commitment Envelopes, Windows of Heaven Scripture Chase, and Mind Your Money Game
Activity Days: Developing Talents Goal 1 Invitation, Activities: Mind Your Money Game, Cash Commitment envelopes, Windows of Heaven Scripture Chase, GospelGrabBag.com Faith in God Program

Developing Talents – GOAL 2

Subjects: Singing – Playing Instruments – Leading Songs
GOAL 2 –
Learn to sing, play, or lead a song from the Children’s Songbook. Teach or share the song in a family home evening or at Primary. Discuss how developing talents helps prepare us for service to Heavenly Father and others.  

Activity Details: I Will Prepare to Serve Others . . . READ MORE 
INCLUDES: Invitation and “Hum Your Favorite Hymn” singing face wheel, and “Lightening and Thumder” talent brainstorm
Activity Days: Developing Talents Goal 2 Invitation, Activities: Hum Your Favorite Hymn singing face wheel Thunder and Lightening talent brainstorm, GospelGrabBag.com

Developing Talents – GOAL 3

Subjects: Teach Gospel Principles – Writing
GOAL 3 –
Write a poem, story, or short play that teaches a principle of the gospel or is about Heavenly Father’s creations.                                                                                              

Activity Details: I Can Teach Gospel Principles . . . READ MORE
INCLUDES: Invitation and My Writing Creation notebook
Activity Days: Developing Talents Goal 3 Invitation, Activity: My Writing Creation notebook, GospelGrabBag.com

Developing Talents – GOAL 4

Subjects: Arts and Crafts – Creativity
GOAL 4 –
Make an item from wood, metal, fabric, or other material, or draw, paint, or sculpt a piece of art. Display your finished work for others to see.                                                                                               

Activity Details: Creating Many Works of Art . . . READ MORE
INCLUDES: Invitation, Nature Prints, Tic-Tac-Toe Game
Activity Days: Developing Talents Goal 4 Invitation, Creative Works of Art: nature prints, and rock tic-tac-toe game, GospelGrabBag.com

Developing Talents – GOAL 5

Subjects: Entertainment – Cultural Arts
GOAL 5 –
Visit an art museum or attend a concert, play, or other cultural event. Share your experience with your family or activity day group.                                                                                               

Activity Details: Appreciating the Arts . . . READ MORE
INCLUDES: Invitation, I Love the Cultural Arts! frame and journal, and Cultural Art Activity Ideas
Activity Days: Developing Talents Goal 5 Invitation, I Love Cultural Arts picture frame, planner, and journal page, GospelGrabBag.com




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