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OBEDIENCE (See Commandments – Follow the Prophet)

• Choosing to Obey – Noah, Art, and Animals Match Game and Discussion POST-AND-PRESENT – Click HERE to purchase. Only found in the in book/CD-ROM until March 10, 2018
CHOOSE THE RIGHT: AGENCY: Agency Is the Gift to Choose for Ourselves Activity 1: Choose the Right Consequences (Build a True Prince & Princess Puzzle), Sunday Savers, sharing time, Sunday Savers, sharing time, gospelgrabbag.com

LESSON LIFESAVER: I Can “Bee” O-bee-d-ant doorknob hanger and “Buzzzzz your way to heaven! sign for honey taffy treat
This rebus (picture symbol) message—“I can be obedient”—will remind youth to be obedient. Scriptures on the back provides an activity to learn about obedience and the blessings that come from obedience. 

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 Spread a Little Sunshine Sunny Action Planner

• Something to Sacrifice goal planner
 Kindly Forgive: (1) Ephesians 4:32 bite-size memorize poster, and (2) rose peace card


• True to the Faith Tools crossmatch


Patriarchal Blessing Prep Checklist and Messages Memo


Plan of Salvation POST-AND-PRESENT:
• Plan of Happiness: Premortal, Mortal, and Postmortal Life Match Game POST-AND-PRESENT 
Plan-It Ponder (Life’s Plan Scripture Scramble)
I Am Loved from Up Above (Hearts on a String) 

2016 Sharing Time Preview: Reach for the Stars! Shining Blessing Guessing (Sunday Savers book/CD)

Plan of Salvation ACTIVITIES:
• Earn the Gift of Eternal Life mobile
Gifts of the Resurrection and Eternal Life gift package 
• Path to Eternal Life Decision Maker mobile 

• Puzzled about Eternal Life wordfind 
• Harvesting My Destiny Garden Habit Change

Plan of Salvation SCRIPTURE POSTERS:
• Jesus Sent to Save Us – John 3:16 
Heavenly Father’s Plan of Happiness – 2 Nephi 9:13
Baptism Helps Me Return – John 3:5 
Jesus Guides Us Back to Heaven – John 14:6
 God’s Plan to bring us Eternal Life – Moses 1:39 
We are Children of God – Romans 8:16 

Candle of the Lord scripture wordsearch
Counsel with the Lord tent card/prayer chart
Draw Nearer to My Heavenly Father goal poster
• Heavenly Phone Call crossmatch
• If you Lack Wisdom – James 1:5 scripture poster
• Prayer Blossoms board game

Puzzled about Prayer match game 
• Sweet Hour of Prayer verse – prayer list
• I Know My Savior Lives bookmarks
 Smooth-Sailing Family – Lovey’s-Landing S.O.S. Game POST-AND-PRESENT
 Letters to Heaven – Prayer Mail POST-AND-PRESENT
• POST-AND-PRESENT: Anytime, Anywhere – Prayer Answers Storyboard
Description: Read true stores about prayer to help youth know they don’t need to be by their bedside to pray and ask for guidance.

Steps to Prayer–Puzzle and Brainstorm POST-AND-PRESENT


• POST-AND-PRESENT Priesthood Power Branches and Blessings 

• LESSON LIFESAVER Melchizedek Priesthood Seek-and-Match

• POST-AND-PRESENT Priesthood Power Ponder Game

• LESSON LIFESAVER Priesthood Power Blessings Journal

• LESSON LIFESAVER Special Blessing Journal

• LESSON LIFESAVER Dad-support Lily Pad Reminders word scramble

LESSON LIFESAVER Does He Know My Standards? Building Blocks puzzle

• LESSON LIFESAVER Priesthood Power Letter of Appreciation

 MUSIC – SONG VISUALS The Priesthood Is Restored (CS, 89) 

• God Gave Us His Priesthood Power D&C 84:35 SCRIPTURE POSTER

PROPHET – Follow the Prophet:

Latter-Day Prophets Help–Puzzle Match POST-AND-PRESENT
$1.00 - Follow the Prophet - Choices: LDS Lesson Activity: Latter-Day Prophets Teach--Puzzle Match, Come, Follow Me: Why do the choices I make matter?, gospelgrabbag.com
 Showered with Blessings! – Follow the Prophet Guessing Game POST-AND-PRESENT 
$1.00 – Follow the Prophets - Blessings: LDS Lesson Activity: Showered with Blessings! - Follow the Prophet Guessing Game, Come Follow Me: Why is it important to listen to and follow the Prophets? - gospelgrabbag.com
Prophet Ponder Journal

• Prophet Ponder doorknob hanger
Follow the Prophet – 2 Peter 3:2 SCRIPTURE POSTER
• Prophets Tell How to Strengthen My Family picnic POST-AND-PRESENT
 God Speaks through Prophets – Luke 1:70
• God Speaks through His Living Prophets Today – Doctrine and Covenants 1:38 
 Ears to Hear the Prophet’s Words – Conference Concentration POST-AND-PRESENT
Prophets Speak – Conference – Sweet Words Buzz Session POST-AND-PRESENT
Choosing to Obey – Noah, Art, and Animals Match Game and Discussion POST-AND-PRESENT
$1.00 - Choose the Right - Prophets Speak: LDS Lesson Activity: Choosing to Obey - Noah, Art, and Animals Match Game and Discussion, Come, Follow Me: Listen to and follow the prophet. gospelgrabbag.com
• The Prophet Is Our Coach – Heavenly Home-Run Baseball POST-AND-PRESENT______________________________________ 


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