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• Jesus Is My Savior and Will Return to the Earth – Job 19:25 scripture poster
• 2016 Sharing Time Preview: Prophecies about Jesus – Timeline from Jesus’s Birth to Second Coming
 (Sunday Savers book/CD)
• 2016 Sharing Time Preview: Jesus Is Knocking at the Door–Are You Ready? – Preparation Ponder (Sunday Savers book/CD)
• Jesus Will Come and Reward Us for Good Works Matthew 16:27 scripture poster


• Perfect Brightness of Hope mood-changer POST-AND-PRESENT
• Jesus Sent to Save Us – John 3:16 scripture poster
• Jesus Our Savior – 1 John 4:14 scripture poster
• I Know My Savior Lives bookmarks
• We Believe in God – 3 Personages – Articles of Faith 1:1 scripture poster
• Testimony that Jesus Christ Lives! D&C 76:22 scripture poster
• Jesus Is My Savior and Will Return to the Earth – Job 19:25 scripture poster
 Jesus Guides Us Back to Heaven – John 14:6 scripture poster

• Through Jesus Christ we can be saved – Articles of Faith 1:3 scripture poster
Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World – D&C 43:34 scripture poster
$.075 - Atonement - Resurrection - Sacrament: Scripture Poster, Doctrine and Covenants 43:34 (D&C), LDS Lesson Activity for: Primary, Youth, and Family Home Evening, gospelgrabbag.com
• Guess Who Was Saved by the Savior – Forgiveness Scripture Stories POST-AND-PRESENT
$1.00 - Atonement - Forgiveness - Repentance: LDS Lesson Activity: Saved by the Savior - Forgiveness Scripture Stories, Come, Follow Me: How can repentance help me everyday?, gospelgrabbag.com


 2017 Sharing Time Preview: Jesus Is My Light – Choose the Right Light Show POST-AND-PRESENT
• Follow Jesus Christ’s Example – Luke 18:22 scripture poster
• In His Footsteps Mirror Motivators
• Life Preserver Promises poster
• Teachings of Jesus Bring Happiness – John 15:11
 scripture poster
• Keeping God’s Commandments – John 14:15 scripture poster
• Invite Others to Come Unto Christ – Moroni 10:32 scripture poster
Faith in Jesus Christ, the God of Miracles – 2 Nephi 27:23
 scripture poster
If I Were Jesus, What Would I Do? – Walking in His Steps Show-and-Tell 

• Love the Lord – Matthew 22:37 scripture poster
Gifts from Jesus Think-and-Tell POST-AND-PRESENT
 2017 Sharing Time Preview: Jesus Is My Example – I Will Follow Him Puzzle POST-AND-PRESENT
• I Will Follow Jesus – Service Road POST-AND-PRESENT
$1.00 - Service, Follow Jesus: LDS Lesson Activity: Follow Jesus - Service Road Game, Come, Follow Me: How can I become more Christlike in Service?, gospelgrabbag.com
(1) The Blessed “Bee”-atitudes POST-AND-PRESENT, and (2) Bee-atitude Blockbuster Quiz Game 


TESTIMONY OF JESUS – Abinadi puppet show and Testimony of Jesus journal page . . . READ MORE – COMING SOON


JOSEPH SMITH (see First Vision, Restoration)

I AM A CHILD OF GOD (see Child of God)



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