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USE FOR: Primary, Primary Sharing Time, Young Women/ Young Men
Seminary, Family Home Evening, Activity Days



• Happiness at Home – “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” 7 – scripture poster
Teachings of Jesus Bring Happiness – John 15:11 scripture poster
• Painting Righteous Habits planner
• Hum a Hymn Hummingbird poster
• TV Topper and Bookshelf Buddy
 Cup full of Cheerful Thoughts
• My Future Focus Planner
• It’s Time for a Change
• “Bee” Righteous Challenge cards
• Harvesting My Destiny Garden Habit Changer
Finding Joy – Monthly Time Capsule 


• We Believe in God – 3 Personages – Articles of Faith 1:1 scripture posterJust Added to the Bag, new activities, gospelgrabbag.com

I Am Loved from Up Above (Hearts on a String) POST-AND-PRESENT$1.00 - Post-and-Present - Sharing Time or Family Home Evening: Plan of Salvation: I Am Loved from Up Above - Hearts on a String, Come, Follow Me: The Godhead, #2 How can I know my Heavenly Father?, gospelgrabbag.com


Feast upon the Scriptures – 2 Nephi 32:3  SCRIPTURE POSTER
• Fruits of the Spirit Tree POST-AND-PRESENT

• Light of the Holy Ghost mobile – ACTIVITY DAYS – Learning & Living the Gospel, Goal 3

• Let the Holy Spirit Guide flashlight tag and scripture underlining pencil pocket (same as below, without the Activity Days invitation)

• Holy Ghost: (1) Scripture Underlining Guide and Pencil Pocket (2) Let the Spirit guide Flashlight-Tag & Toss Game
• The Holy Ghost Helps Us – Comforts of Home–Family Quilting Bee POST-AND-PRESENT
 The Holy Ghost Testifies of Truth – Moroni 10:5 scripture poster
• We Believe in God – 3 Personages – Articles of Faith 1:1 scripture poster
 Choose the Right and Receive Personal Revelation – Liahona Leads the Way inspiration dial POST-AND-PRESENT
$1.00 – Holy Ghost - Choose the Right: LDS Lesson Activity: Liahona Leads the Way inspiration dial, Come, Follow Me: "How do I receive personal revelation?" - gospelgrabbag.comConcentrate on the Holy Ghost–Concentration POST-AND-PRESENT – NEW
Holy Ghost - Revelation: LDS Lesson Activity: Concentrate on the Holy Ghost - Concentration, Come, Follow Me: "How do I receive personal revelation?"

Invite the Holy Ghost–Invitations POST-AND-PRESENT – NEW
$1.00 - Holy Ghost - Revelation: LDS Lesson Activity: Invite the Holy Ghost--Invitations, Come, Follow Me: "How do I receive personal revelation?", gospelgrabbag.com

Virtues We Believe In – Articles of Faith 1:13 REBUS – SCRIPTURE POSTER
• We believe in being honest . . . Articles of Faith 1:13 SCRIPTURE POSTER
• Miss Honest or Dishonest? Consequence journal LESSON LIFESAVER
• I’m “Sew” Honest! stand-up card LESSON LIFESAVER
Dot-to-Dot, Honest-or-Not GAME POST-AND-PRESENT


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