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SCRIPTURE POSTER BOOK OF MORMON PROMISE – The Holy Ghost Testifies of Truth – Moroni 10:5 . . . READ MORE (The Book of Mormon Promise includes verse Moroni 10:4 also.)  

LESSON LIFESAVER Book of Mormon Testimony & Scripture Underlining . . . READ MORE

LESSON LIFESAVER Guess Who Shared the Gospel? Book of Mormon Prophets cross match . . . READ MORE 

LESSON LIFESAVER Scripture Study Challenge bookmark and testimony journal . . . READ MORE


POST-AND-PRESENT Book of Mormon Story: Abinadi Warns the Wicked King Noah puppet show . . . READ MORE


LESSON LIFESAVER My Testimony is Blooming! Book of Mormon Reading Chart . . . READ MORE  

LESSON LIFESAVER Search and Ponder bookmark . . . READ MORE


SCRIPTURE POSTER Articles of Faith 1:6 . . . READ MORE (Restoration, Missionary Work)  

SCRIPTURE POSTER Articles of Faith 1:8 . . . READ MORE (Scriptures, Bible, Book of Mormon) 

POST-AND-PRESENT Burying Swords – Change of Heart Quiz . . . READ MORE  (Repentance, Book of Mormon, Anti-Nephi-Lehies)
REPENTANCE a change of mind and heart, Burying Swords Change of Heart Quiz, Primary sharing time, family home evening,



POST-AND-PRESENT: Which Standard Works? match game (Sunday Savers book/CD)
SCRIPTURES: The Scriptures are the word of God Activity 1: Which Standard Work? (Match Game),
POST-AND-PRESENT: Feast upon the Words of Christ – Feast and scripture reading  bookmark (Sunday Savers book/CD) 
SCRIPTURES: We are to feast upon the words of Christ. ACTIVITY: Feast upon the Words of Christ (FEAST and 30-day reading bookmark), gospelgrabbagcom

POST-AND-PRESENT: Two Testaments of Jesus Christ puzzle (Sunday Savers book/CD)  More details . . .
$1.00 - BOOK OF MORMON: LDS Lesson Activity - Two Testaments - "Why we need the Book of Mormon?" Another testament of Jesus Christ,

$7.99 - BOOK OF MORMON QUIZ-BEE: 28 Book of Mormon stories, 195 questions and answers, fan-deck,

LESSON-MATCH ACTIVITY BOOK: Sunday Savers: Book of Mormon lesson-match activities for Primary Manual 4
Book / CD-ROM, Sunday Savers Book of Mormon, Lesson-match activities, Primary Manual 4,

Use for family home evening and Primary lessons. You’ll find 46 activities that to help teach the enrichment activities for each lesson in the Primary 4 Book of Mormon manual.





GAME: STUPOR GAME  With this quick-thinking LDS game that often leads to a stupor of thought, you will find Standard Works playing cards (many that relate to the Book of Mormon). This is a fun game for quizzing and teaching key stories in the scriptures. This is written by Mary H. Ross, and illustrated by Jennette Guymon-King.
$10.99 STUPOR: Quick-thinking LDS game that often leads to a stupor of thought, gospelgrabbag.comSTUPOR Game: The quick-thinking LDS game that often leads to a stupor of thought,
We highly recommend this for seminary and Young Women and Young Men activities to help prepare them for teaching the gospel. They will need to know all of these if they are to go out and preach the gospel. Or, use it to play in a Gospel Doctrine, Priesthood, or Relief Society class. Or use in family home evening or individual study.