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2018 Fun ways to share the “I Am a Child of God” Theme

THEME: Jesus Christ Is Our Savior

THEME EXTRAS “I Am a Child of God” bookmark, poster, and banner

• SHARING TIME Activities for MARCH Weeks 1-4

• SCRIPTURE Posters & Cards – FEBRUARY – D&C 43:34

PART IV     Music Time song visuals for March’s song, “If the Savior Stood Beside Me”

BOOK: Our new “Sunday Savers: Sharing Fun! I Am a Child of God,” book (shown) is available at LDS bookstores and online at or
CD-ROM: There will not be a CD-ROM for this book available this year. However, you can downloaded all of them in color on this website (see those with the book cover previewed below). The black and white images are only available in the book.