Song: “Thanks to Our Father” – LDS Primary Singing Time – Song visuals – Primary music leader, family home evening, gratitude, prayer, giving thanks

SONG VISUALS: “Thanks to Our Father” (Children’s Songbook, p. 19) DOWNLOAD INCLUDES: 24 visuals (color/black-and-white/cue cards) pdf . Fun Ways to Use Song Visuals pdf USE SONG VISUALS FOR ANY LANGUAGE – Just add the words on the cue cards provided. 

SERVICE – LOVE: LDS Lesson Activity – Matthew 22:36-39 Service Challenge tent-card, Take upon the Name of Jesus Christ and Be More Like Him

  Use for Young Women, Young Men, or Youth, Family Home Evening, Primary Sharing Time, or “Faith in God” Activity Days ACTIVITY: Love Yourself and Others (Matthew 22:36-39 Service Challenge tent-card) 1. Challenge youth to memorize Matthew 22:36-39 using the tent