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ACTIVITY: Dot-to-Dot, Honest-or-Not GAME

HONESTY: Post-and-Present Activity for Sharing Time or Family Home Evening: Dot-to-Dot, Honest-or-Not, GospelGrabBag
youth, to be honest in every way, every day. If doing this for teens, change the situations to match their age-situations and choices.

TO MAKE VISUALS: Print/color and cut out the visuals in color or black and white and follow instructions on the pdf to assemble.


Dot-to-Dot, Honest-or-Not GAME

TO PLAY: Basically, players choose a LARGE (situation) dot and match it with a SMALL (choice) dot “A” or “B” and decide if the choice is HONEST-OR-NOT. Then spin for points. Detailed instructions are found in the pdf.

– 2 pages Instructions and THOUGHT TREAT
– 12 pages of images (choose from 6 color or 6 black and white)

THOUGHT TREATS: (found in the pdf printout)

HONESTY: Post-and-Present Activity for Sharing Time or Family Home Evening: Dot-to-Dot, Honest-or-Not

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– Visuals were created by Jennette Guymon-King, Illustrator

– Activities were written by Mary H. Ross, Author

Honesty: “Dot-to-Dot, Honest-or-Not” GAME of choices – Post-and-Present Activity: for Sharing Time or Family Home Evening

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