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Let us know if you need us to create something or create what we have in your language. We have some in SPANISH, and FRENCH, and TAHITIAN.

PRIMARY SHARING TIME just got easier as we have something for every lesson. 

• NOVEMBER 2017 Theme: “I Can Choose to Be a Missionary” TO DOWNLOAD 
DECEMBER 2017 Theme: “Jesus Is the Son of God” TO DOWNLOAD 
JANUARY 2018 Theme: “I Am a Child of God, and He Has a Plan for Me TO DOWNLOAD 

With 2018 Coming Soon we have our latest book “Sunday Savers Sharing Fun – I Am a Child of God.” TO PURCHASE book check your local bookstore or or The usual matching CD-ROM for will not be available – THE GOOD NEWS is, you can DOWNLOAD all of the activities in the book right here (in color only). . . .

START HERE in to download January 2018. Here you will find a POST-AND-PRESENT activity for every lesson/Primary Sharing Time theme. 
PLUS THERE’S MORE FOR THE 2018 THEME: “I Am a Child of God”:
Scripture Posters and Cards and the • Music-Singing Time Song Visuals for every practice song (see all below).

2018 Sharing TIme book, Activities for I Am a Child of God theme, Sunday Savers Sharing Fun Activities

SCRIPTURE POSTERS & CARDS for Primary Sharing Time for 2018 just arrived and they can be downloaded individually month-to-month to post and share and give children black and white cards to memorize then reward with the colored version. – GO HERE TO START.

2018 I Am a Child of God - Sharing Time scripture poster and cards banner,

MUSIC TIME – PRACTICE SONG VISUALS for 2018 just arrived and they are in BUNDLES of three . . . so easy to DOWNLOAD here and have a visual for every verse for every song this coming year. Or, you can download each song individually – GO HERE TO START.

$4.00 2018 "I Am a Child of God" Primary Theme BANNER for Sharing Time,
$4.00 2018 "I Am a Child of God" Primary Theme BANNER for Sharing Time
$4.00 2018 "I Am a Child of God" Primary Theme BANNER for Sharing Time,
$4.00 2018 "I Am a Child of God" Primary Theme POSTER large and small, and CARDS for Sharing Time
2018 "I Am a Child of God" Primary Theme BOY OR GIRL BOOKMARK for Sharing Time, family home evening,

Faith in God ACTIVITY DAYS has never been easier with these instant Ready-to-Go plans for every goal in the AD Program. Each goal-match activity includes an invitation. The easy KITS have it all. So easy that if a girl doesn’t attend she won’t miss out. You can drop off the kit and parents or another assigned Activity Days girl can help her achieve the goal.
Learning and Living the Gospel GOALS 1-5 . . . GOALS 6-10
Serving Others GOALS 1-5 . . . GOALS 6-9 
Developing Talents GOALS 1-5 . . . GOALS 6-10
Preparing for Young Women Goals 1-5 

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