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NEW Color Quotes for July – See YOUNG WOMEN below
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NEW July Week 4 Theme: Honesty is telling the truth regardless of the consequences.


Jumble Bumble JULY Spotlight for Sharing Time, Activity Days, Young Women, and Primary

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Activities to Add to and Enhance “Come, Follow Me” Lessons

NEW for JULY – ColorQuotes one for every lesson 1-6 
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COLOR QUOTE bundle with all 6 quotes for July for Lessons for the Ordinances and Covenants theme

COLOR QUOTE #3 for July for Lesson “What covenants do I make at baptism?”
“When we understand our baptismal covenant and the gift of the Holy Ghost, it will change our lives and will establish our total allegiance to the kingdom of God. When temptations come our way, if we will listen, the Holy Ghost will remind us that we have promised to remember our Savior and obey the commandments of God.” – Elder Robert D Hales

COLOR QUOTE #4 for July for Lesson “How do I receive the gift of the Holy Ghost?”
“Obedience opens the door to the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. And the spiritual gifts and abilities activated by the power of the Holy Ghost enable us to avoid deception – and to see, to feel, to know, to understand, and to remember things as they really are.” David A. Bednar

Color Quotes 5-6 are available also HERE.

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Download printables and preview the current Sharing Time book / CD for 2017 Theme: Choose the Right.
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〉 Primary Sharing Time / Family Home Evening – JULY

〉 Primary Sharing Time / FHE – January – December

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〉 Primary Extras (banner, posters, bookmarks)

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〉 Primary Scripture Posters / Cards – Jan. – Dec. Bundle for 2017

〉 Primary Scripture Posters / Cards – January – December – 2017

〉 Scripture Posters / Cards – A-Z Index

〉 Scripture Posters / Cards – Articles of Faith

〉 Scripture Posters / Cards – STANDARD WORKS:
1. Bible: Old Testament & New Testament
2. The Book of Mormon

3. D&C, Pearl of Great Price, Prophets

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Prepare Children to Sing Songs in Sacrament Meeting Presentation

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〉 Singing Activities & Visuals for 2017 

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〉 Song Visuals by Subject

〉 SINGING ACTIVITIES to Motivate Singing

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“Faith in God” Activity Days Program for Girls 8-11
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〉 Learning and Living the Gospel – Goals 1-10 KITS*

〉 Serving Others – Goals 1-10 KITS*

〉 Developing Talents – Goals 1-10 KITS*

〉 Preparing for Young Women – Goals 1-5 Planners

*ACTIVITY DAYS GOAL KITS CONTAIN: Invitation and an activity or two for each goal 

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For 2017, to teach children ages 8-11 in Primary or in family  home evening, we have created the Sunday Savers series of books and CD-ROMs with an activity for every lesson for the manuals.

This month we are SPOTLIGHTING the Doctrine and Covenants and Church History activities to teach Primary Manual 5 lessons, previewed on PINTEREST or HERE on GospelGrabBag.com. We have these for all the lesson manuals (found in the PRIMARY section). EXAMPLE: Lesson 8 is on the Priesthood 

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