Young Women Extras
Activities to Motivate, Encourage, and Fellowship:


• Young Women Theme – “We are daughters of our Heavenly Father . . .”

$0.50 - Young Women - Notes of Encouragement - Dragonfly-Miss-You-Postcard, fellowship, friendship, activate young women, letters - stationery, gospelgrabbag.comPOSTCARDS:
• Young Women Notes of Encouragement – Dragonfly-Miss-You-Postcard 

My Testimony is Blooming! Book of Mormon Reading Chart 

ADDITIONAL YOUNG WOMEN ACTIVITIES – Go to the A-Z Lesson INDEX. Also find those listed for the curriculum year “Come, Follow Me” Lesson Activities for January – December.

BRINGING PRIMARY GIRLS INTO YOUNG WOMEN (orientation): See this Activity Days activity to help girls prepare for Young Women. CLICK HERE . . . READ MORE OR DOWNLOAD BELOW:

ACTIVITY DAYS Preparing Girls for Young Women - Planner Forms,

A-Z Lesson INDEX: A     B     C     D-E    F     G     H    I-J-K     L-M     N-O-P     Q-R     S     T     U-Z 

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