Sunday Savers: New Testament – Ages 8-11 is our latest book with fun to create activities that help teach the enrichment activities for each lesson in the Primary 7 New Testament manual.


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The activities match the lesson activities outlined in the Primary 7 New Testament manual. Shown are just a few. Click on each of the following to find an activity for each lesson.

Sunday Savers: New Testament Activities for Lessons 1-46:Sunday Savers: New Testament Activities for Lessons 1-46: Here you can preview activities for lesson #s: 5  6  8  13  18  45  46 (shown above).


How do you teach an eight-year-old about the Atonement? How can you help children learn about such concepts as humility and sacrifice? You’re well on your way to the right answers with the popular Sunday Savers series! Each activity is listed alphabetically and cross-referenced to a particular lesson in the Primary 7 (New Testament Ages 8–11) manual. Children will love the dozens of fun and unique crafts and activities contained in this book or CD-ROM (sold separately).

CORRECTION ON CD-ROM: For Lesson 27 Parable of the Sheep and Goats, the page for the wordstrips is missing in the CD-ROM. It is found in the book. Sorry for the inconvenience. To download and print the wordstrips click on the box below and it will appear in your downloads. Then you can print it. The identification for the wordstrips is: 27wrdstrp (will appear in your downloads).

Sheep and the Goats: Sunday Savers New Testament - Lesson 27 wordstrips missing in the CD-ROM,

Parable of the Sheep and Goats Game - New Testament Lesson 27 - Sunday Savers, gospelgrabbag.comTHIS IS THE FUNNEST GAME TO PLAY. THE CHILDREN LOVE IT!
Suggestions: (1) Have them stand around the table to play it, but with hands back like a puppy dog. This way they are not too close to the game board placed on the table. (2) If you only play two children at a time it is easier so no one get hurt. I usually divide them into teams boys and girls and have two at a time compete.


2 thoughts on “New Testament – 8-11, Prim. 7

  • December 20, 2014 at 6:22 am

    I purchased the New Testament Sunday Saver CD Rom from Deseret Book and it seems to be missing a page from lesson 27 about the parable of the sheep and goat. It is missing the situation cards. Any way I could get my hands on this missing page?


    • December 20, 2014 at 10:51 pm

      You will find these on the lesson 27 page of this website where you can DOWNLOAD the page of wordstrips. Sorry they were not included. This is the funnest game ever! My CTR-A children love playing this. This is their great reward for being reverent and helping me get through the lesson. I used this activity for CTR-A lesson # as it goes along with the lesson. Then we just kept playing it each week. Its is fun to see how competitive the children are playing this and how it makes them think. It is also great for Primary sharing time.


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