We are fully aware that family home evening can be a struggle, but it can also be nearly picture perfect. Have you ever heard the saying, “It is the only fight that begins and ends with prayer!” Well, that is just reality sometimes, but it isn’t always like that. We hope to ease the burden and help provide you with something fun, engaging and full of gospel truths.

Family Home Evening - Summer Time download activities, fhe lessons, gospelgrabbag.com


1. Download instant FAMILY HOME EVENING ACTIVITIES . . . 

Family Home Evening STORE A-Z Lesson INDEX

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2. Download TEEN LESSON ACTIVITIES . . . Below preview the youth lesson activities for “Come, Follow Me” Program for January – December 2016 on “Building Up the Kingdom”:All "Come, Follow Me" Activities - Jan - Dec


Song Visuals A-Z INDEX

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Singing Fun Activities INDEX

4. Download SCRIPTURE POSTER Activities . . .

Standard Works SCRIPTURE POSTERS Store

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Scripture Posters INDEX $0.75 - JESUS CHRIST: Scripture Poster, John 3:16, for LDS Primary Sharing Time, lessons, family home evening, seminary, gospelgrabbag.comSometimes just a scripture to memorize during family home evening is enough. These mini-lessons are ideal for a spur of the moment lesson as most of them include a story and/or a video to watch to bring more meaning to the scriptures, plus there are three sizes to display and share small scripture cards for children or youth to take and memorize during the week. You will find some simple illustrations and some rebus messages that may be challenging to figure out the words.

5. Download “Faith in God” ACTIVITY DAYS Activities . . .

"Faith in God" Activity Days INDEX

Family home evening fun begins here. Enjoy! 

BOOKS AND CDs to Purchase:

6. Gospel Fun Activities: Quick-and-Easy Family Home Evenings and Sharing Time Presentation (book with CD-ROM included)
. Click HERE to view the lesson and activities.
. Click HERE to view the images on Pinterest.
. Click
HERE to purchase the book/CD or call an LDS bookstore to obtain.

These post-and-present activities can also be used for Primary sharing time. Subjects are: Accountability, Choose the Right, Commandments, Faith, Follow Jesus, Holy Ghost, Missionary Talents, Missionary Work, Repentance, Second Coming, Service, and Testimony.

7. Short and Sweet with a Treat! 52 Already Done, Ready-for-Fun Family Home Evenings (book with CD-ROM to print images in color or black and white). Activities help children live My Gospel Standards.
. Click HERE to view the lesson activities.
. Click HERE to view images on Pinterest.
. Click HERE to purchase the book/CD online or call an LDS bookstore to order.

Young Women Fun-tastic! Personal Progress Motivators (book and CD-ROM to print a planner form for every Personal PERSONAL PROGRESS: Young Women Fun-tastic! Personal Progress Motivators book and CD-ROMProgress goal). Your young women teens in your home will love these forms they can post on their mirror as they achieve each goal. Parents can be a great influence to help them achieve, looking for ways they can achieve on the home-front.
• Click
BOOK or CD-ROM to purchase the book/CD online or call an LDS bookstore to order.

9. Sunday Savers:  book and CD-ROM for the current Primary Sharing Time theme each year.
. Click 
HERE to preview the current year’s theme.

10. Sunday Savers: A-Z Activities to Make Learning Fun
We have created over 600 activities that match the Church lesson manuals 1-6 for Primary. They are only available in books or CD-ROMs. Visit the PRIMARY menu at the top to find previews for each.

Preview all by clicking on the PINTEREST links below for children ages 2-7:
Age 2 – 62 activities for 31 lessons
SUNBEAMS, Age 3 – 92 activities for 46 lessons
CTR-A, Ages 4-7 – 46 activities
CTR-B, Ages 4-7 – 47 activities
• Children Ages 8-11 activities: Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants/Church History

11. “Sweet” Treat Ideas: We will spotlight over 1,000 treat ideas and point you to the lessons you can teach in family home evening that match with the treats. Starting with a treat really gets children into the spirit of family home evening. Simply shop ahead for the ingredients and let children cook. The sweet smells permeate the air and children know family home evening is near.
. Click HERE to find “Sweet” Treat Ideas or go to the page at the top of this website.

12. Gospel Games: “Families that play together, stay together.” We have games galore that you can purchase and download.
Gospel Games STORE

• Visit the GOSPEL GAMES STORE for tons of games to download.
$10.99 STUPOR: Quick-thinking LDS game that often leads to a stupor of thought, gospelgrabbag.comSTUPOR Game: The quick-thinking LDS game that often leads to a stupor of thought, gospelgrabbag.com• Purchase STUPOR – the quick-thinking LDS game that often leads to a Stupor of thought. You’ll find over 250 gospel cards to quickly name an answer (shown).
Game Description: Want to show off your knowledge about the gospel? With STUPOR, you can do it—but if you can’t think quickly enough and have a stupor of thought, you just might miss your chance to win! STUPOR is a fast-paced game that challenges players to blurt out an answer to a subject before their opponent can beat them to it. 

$7.99 - BOOK OF MORMON QUIZ-BEE: 28 Book of Mormon stories, 195 questions and answers, fan-deck, gospelgrabbag.com• Purchase QUIZ-DECK “BOOK OF MORMON QUIZ-BEE” a fan-deck (shown right) of 28 stories with 195 questions and answers. Great for baptism gifts or for missionaries wanting to share the gospel – handy to place in their pocket and give to investigators. See preview of deck on the GOSPEL GAMES page.


• Purchase QUIZ-DECK “ARTICLES OF FAITH QUIZ-BEE” a fan-deck $7.99 - ARTICLES OF FAITH Quiz-bee, 13 memory cards, 14 fun games, and over 195 questions and answers - fan deck, gospelgrabbag.com(shown below/left) of 13 picture-perfect memory cards, 14 fun games, and over 195 questions and answers. Again, this is perfect for a baptism gift as children ages 8-11 need to memorize and understand these. Great for missionaries to give to investigators. See preview of deck on the GOSPEL GAMES page.

13. THEME ACTIVITIES FOR THE YEAR: Sharing Time Activities – for Primary and Family Home Evening: Each year to match the primary current theme we have an entire book filled with activities you can teach children at home. So they don’t miss, purchase the current year’s book.

SHARING TIME 2017 Choose the Right theme, Sunday Savers Sharing Fun, Mary H. Ross, Jennette Guymon King, book or CD-ROM, gospelgrabbag.comOlder children love to present these activities at home, so parents rest easy. They can be posted on the wall or placed on the table or floor where you can sit and talk about important gospel subjects. They really invite family discussion.

TO PURCHASE THE “Sunday Savers Sharing Fun! Choose the Right” 2017 theme book or CD-ROM.

This is our 19th year with this Sharing Time series.


PREVIEW SLIDESHOW OF ALL ACTIVITIES below or see activities on Pinterestpinterest, gospelgrabbag.com


“It is in the home that we form our attitudes, our deeply held beliefs. It is in the home that hope is fostered or destroyed. Our homes are to be more than sanctuaries; they should also be places where God’s Spirit can dwell, where the storm stops at the door, where love reigns and peace dwells.” Precious Children—A Gift from God, Thomas S. Monson, Prophet (2013) Ensign Nov. 1991 – Click HERE to find.

“One way for you to reproduce the successes of Father Lehi is by the way you lead family prayers and family time, such as family home evenings,”
Families under Covenant
, By President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency – Click HERE to find.

“Give children opportunities to pray, when they can pray, for each other in the circle who need blessings. Discern quickly the beginnings of discord and recognize acts of unselfish service, especially to each other. When they pray for each other and serve each other, hearts will be softened and turned to each other and to their parents.” Families under Covenant, By President Henry B. Eyring First Counselor in the First Presidency – Click HERE to find.

“Insisting that you have a picture-perfect family home evening each week—even though doing so makes you and everyone around you miserable—may not be the best choice. Instead, ask yourself, “What could we do as a family that would be enjoyable and spiritual and bring us closer together?” That family home evening—though it may be modest in scope and execution—may have far more positive long-term results.” Forget Me Not, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Second Counselor in the First Presidency, – Click HERE to find.


2 thoughts on “Family Home Evening

  • January 28, 2016 at 2:20 am

    Thank you so much! I’m excited to do this lesson in FHE with my family. You ladies are SO TALENTED!! I would purchase one of everything if I had the time to put them all together!

    I am anxious to use the latest: “Keeping Inside the Fence” sheep one.

    Thank you again!

    Melanie Craft

    • January 28, 2016 at 2:26 am

      Melanie: It is enthusiasts like you who are doing as President Thomas S. Monson in his talk “Constant Truths for Changing Times” where he says, “We, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, must stand up to the dangers which surround us and our families. To aid us in this determination, I offer several suggestions, as well as some examples from my own life. I begin with family home evening. We cannot afford to neglect this heaven-inspired program. It can bring spiritual growth to each member of the family, helping him or her to withstand the temptations which are everywhere. The lessons learned in the home are those that last the longest.” Your wanting this activity: “Keeping Inside the Fence” THAT YOU DOWNLOADED HERE reminded me of his comment (in bold – above).


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