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Serving Others – GOAL 6

Subject: Manners – Courtesy
GOAL 6 –
Learn about and practice good manners and courtesy.    

Activity Details: Practice Good Manners and Courtesy . . . READ MORE
INCLUDES: Invitation and Manners Rating Meter Game and Manners Practicing Tool

Serving Others – GOAL 7

Subject: Service – Party Planning
 Plan and hold a parent-child activity, such as a dinner, picnic, hike, day trip, or service project. 

Activity Details: We Can Serve Seniors . . . READ MORE 
INCLUDES: Invitation, Once Upon a Time King and Queen for a Day senior spotlight, and Good Old Days Bingo game

Serving Others – GOAL 8

Subject: Citizenship – 12th Article of Faith
GOAL 8 – 
Read the twelfth article of faith. Discuss what it means to be a good citizen and how your actions can affect others.

 Activity Details: My Actions Affect Others . . . READ MORE
INCLUDES: Invitation and Action and Reaction Missing Service match game

Serving Others – GOAL 9

Subject: Plan to and Entertain Children
GOAL 9 – Help your Primary leaders plan and carry out an upcoming quarterly activity.

Activity Details: Drive-in Movie for Children’s Party . . . READ MORE
INCLUDES: Invitation, Car Relay Rally, and Red Light, Green Light


Serving Others – GOAL 10

Subjects: Service – Good Samaritan
GOAL 10 –
Plan and complete your own activity to serve others.                                                                                               

Activity Details: I Will Be a Serv”ant” . . . READ MORE
INCLUDES: Invitation and Faithful Serv”ant” Service Planner

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