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Mary H. Ross and Jennette Guymon-King would like to thank their customers for supporting their efforts to make gospel learning fun. Because of you, over one million books and CD-ROMs have been sold through Covenant Communications.

They are the Author and Illustrator of the Sunday Savers, formerly Primary Partners series of books and CD-ROMs. Since then, they have created the Young Women Fun-tastic! Activities series, in addition to books for family home evening, sharing time, singing time, and even games!

Click to view their latest Sharing Time. And throughout this website, you will be able to view books, CD-ROMs, and games now available at deseretbook.com. There is also a library of activities to download immediately (click on the A-Z Lesson INDEX on the right).

“In 1986 we published our first books through Covenant. Since then, over 300 books and CD-ROMs have been published.

Our mission is to create teaching tools – activities with visuals that children, teens, and young women could create to make learning fun and memorable. For example, the “Sunday Savers” lesson activities and visuals help teach the enrichment activities that follow the lesson (where there are 15 minutes remaining). To make your teaching time engaging, you can introduce an activity, e.g.: a puzzle, game, or cut-out visual that helps reinforce gospel lessons. Our goal is not to replace the lesson content in any way, but to add to and enhance the lesson with visuals that will help them remember what they have learned.

Over 1,500 activities have been created for: Primary, Sharing Time, Singing Time, Activity  Days,  Young Women, YW Personal Progress, and Family Home Evening (see the menu above to find lesson match activities and the A-Z Gospel INDEX to the right to find individual subjects.

To view most of these activities we are placing them on this website to be available to you instantly.

Purchase books and CD-ROMs and more directly from your nearby LDS bookstore. Or, purchase them through this website taking you to seagullbook.com or deseretbook.com. See the HOME page to see the entire list of products available. From there you can click on individual products to see descriptions.

Download individual activities from our books and CD-ROMs (with the exception of the current sharing time books). Here you can find activities instantly and click onto the link for the lesson from the Church website.

We have tried to make the activities affordable, $0.50 – $1.50. You will only need to download quantity 1 as you can print what you need for your family or class.

Each visual is available to print in color or black and white.”



Mary H. Ross is the mother of Jennifer Ross, and wife of Paul Ross. They live in Lehi, Utah. Mary loves cooking,  quotes, writing, working out, creating web designs, and visiting the elderly. View our new products by clicking on What’s New!.

Jennette Guymon-King  is the mother of Kayla, Levi, Carson, and Shelby; also wife to Clayton King. They live in Bluffdale, Utah. Jennette studied graphic arts and illustration at Utah Valley State College and the University of Utah. She served a mission in Japan. She enjoys reading, cooking, soapmaking (see her website to purchase blessyourhide.com), gardening, spending time with her children, and freelance illustrating. It is our hope that you enjoy the convenience of having our works on this website as it is difficult to find all of our lesson activities in one place.
Blessyourhide.com soaps created by Jennette Guymon-King, gospelgrabbag.com

To order Jennette’s homemade luxurious soaps (peppermint and more shown right) from Jennette at blessyourhide.com you can phone in an order at 801-703-4444 (US).

ENJOY! Contact us if you have any problems or concerns or ideas for future products. Contact: maryrosscontact@gmail.com


Katie G

Mary, I had no idea that you had so much stuff!!!! Once again, shock and awe of all the wonderful ideas that you have come up with over the years. Now I know why you always have a pen in hand and are taking notes, everywhere you are. Keep those wonderful ideas coming and know that you are blessing the lives of others through this wonderful service! Love, Katie


Please respond to this…I CANNOT get any of the links to work for Februaru YW downloads…I am teaching this Sunday and have been trying for several weeks now to get these going!


I’d love to download and utilize some of your Priesthood Games this month of June, but none of them are available.


I’m wanting to download something for this Sunday’s lesson in Young Women, “What are the duties of priesthood holders?” It says to check back, but it’s not available. Will it be?


This is a long shot, but i am subbing for a Valiant class tomorrow. They are on lesson 22 and they copied the enrichment activity for me. I have the instructions and the cube but i do not have the word strips. Is there anyway you could send me a pdf of them? by tonight?

Mary Kay Bradbury

Hi talented ladies! Any news when these fantastic downloads will be available? I think I’d be your biggest customer! 🙂

julie inskeep

I have been so greatful to have these available! I have been able to teach songs, as well as the JOY of singing in both Primary and at home. I would recommend them to anyone.

janet dixon

I found a picture of yours that is a carrot, banana, orange , fish and turnip with sayings on them it was for word of wisdom nutrition I would really like to buy that for a activity day. is there anyway I could buy that i can’t find it on your page

thanks janet

Jennifer Cardita

I absolutely love your website and ALL that it has to offer! Amazing activities! Thanks for all your hard work!


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