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USE FOR: Primary, Primary Sharing Time, Young Women/ Young Men
Seminary, Family Home Evening, Activity Days



Prophets Speak – Conference – Sweet Words Buzz Session POST-AND-PRESENT
$1.00 - Prophets Speak: LDS Lesson Activity: Conference - Sweet Words Buzz Session, Come, Follow Me: Listen to and follow the prophet, gospelgrabbag.com


• Daughter of God journal 
• Testimony of the Godhead fan
• Jesus Sent to Save Us – John 3:16 scripture poster
• Jesus Our Savior – 1 John 4:14 scripture poster
• Jesus Guides Us Back to Heaven – John 14:6 scripture poster
• We Believe in God – 3 Personages – Articles of Faith 1:1 scripture poster
 God Speaks through Prophets – Luke 1:70 scripture poster
• I Know My Savior Lives bookmarks
I Am Loved from Up Above (Hearts on a String) POST-AND-PRESENT$1.00 - Post-and-Present - Sharing Time or Family Home Evening: Plan of Salvation: I Am Loved from Up Above - Hearts on a String, Come, Follow Me: The Godhead, #2 How can I know my Heavenly Father?, gospelgrabbag.com


• My Future Focus Planner
• It’s Time for a Change
• “Bee” Righteous Challenge cards
• Harvesting My Destiny Garden Habit Changer
• Cup full of Cheerful Thoughts
• Education Skills: (1) “Bee” Smart and Read with All Your Heart (Book Cover, (2-3) “Bee” Smart  Bookmark—Good Book Reading List) and Smart Bees and Hearts (Checkers)
• A Loving or Lazy Leader word find
 My Ant Farm Leisure Time Log
 I Give a Hoot! Vocation Future Focus planner
 Thoughtful Chef (Skill-Meal Recipes)


My Writing Creation Notebook



• Grateful Heart bookmark and gratitude card
• I Will Express Appreciation – Buzz-llion Thanks – stationery/envelope
• Don’t Just Gobble Up Blessings (Extra-Miler Thankful Turkey Feather Find) . . . READ MORE POST-AND-PRESENT
$1.00 - Gratitude: LDS Lesson Activity - Don't Just Gobble Up Blessings (Extra-Miler Thankful Turkey Feather Find) - We are to thank God in all things, gospelgrabbag.com

• Give Thanks to the God – Mosiah 18:23 scripture poster 

Gratitude – SONG VISUALS “Thanks to Our Father,” (Children’s Songbook, 20)



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WELCOME: How to download activities from website: gospelgrabbag.com, by Mary H. Ross, Author, and Jennette Guymon-King, Illustrator, Sunday Savers (formerly the Primary Partners series)

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