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POST-AND-PRESENT: Jesus Is My Light – Choose the Right Light Show
Help youth learn ways Jesus taught us to choose the right by showing His light to the world. We can follow His light by following His example and living as He did.  MORE . . .   

POST-AND-PRESENT: Trimming the Family Christmas Tree (Gifts-to-Jesus Seek-and-Service Match Game)
Tell youth, “Our Families are blessed when we remember Jesus. Let’s find gifts of service placed under the tree that we can give to our family. When we give the gifts of service to our family it is like giving gifts to Jesus. MORE . . .  

LESSON LIFESAVER: Gifts of Service planner
Have youth use this planner to write down ways they can give the gift of service to their family, friends, and Church. True Christlike serve is done unselfishly and unconditionally (without expecting something in return). MORE . . . 


POST-AND-PRESENT: Gifts from Jesus Think-and-Tell 
Help youth learn what Jesus taught us and how his teachings can bless our life. His teachings are GIFTS. If we follow His teachings, we can receive these great GIFTS or blessings. MORE . . . 


SCRIPTURE POSTER: Testimony that Jesus Christ Lives! D&C 76:22
“And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives!” Ways to Motivate Children/Youth to Memorize Scripture:
• Give out small black and white scripture cards to memorize.
• Once they are passed off give out the colored version of scripture cards. MORE . . . 


SONG VISUALS: Away in a Manger (Children’s Songbook, 42)
You no longer need to search for pictures to teach the songs we have done it for you with these bright and easy-to-learn visuals. Now they are at your fingertips to download and print in color or black-and-white. MORE . . . 


SONG VISUALS: Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus (Children’s Songbook, 36)
Print these song visuals to teach the song and share these stories and more activities found on this page (click link above). Samuel the Lamanite told of Jesus’s birth 5 years before He was born. This Book of Mormon story is one of faith and courage. MORE . . . 



GREAT GIFT: Book of Mormon QUIZ-BEE card-deck
$7.99 - BOOK OF MORMON QUIZ-BEE: 28 Book of Mormon stories, 195 questions and answers, fan-deck,

Fly to Quiz Bee’s hive of 28 Book of Mormon stories and test your “sweet” knowledge of the scriptures. Quiz Bee will buzz questions at you, and you can zip the answers right back. You will be amazed at how much you know and how fast your testimony will grow!

To use this “honey” of a deck, first read the story, paying close attention to the details. Then buzz on to the question card that corresponds to test what you know. You can see your answers at the bottom of each question card. If you don’t do very well, stick to it! Reread the story and try it again!

Have fun with friends and family by playing in teams, awarding one point per answer. One team can make turns answering until someone on the team misses. Don’t forget to fly high and test the Book of Mormon promise (Moroni 10:3-5)!

GREAT GIFT: Articles of Faith QUIZ-BEE card-deck
$7.99 - ARTICLES OF FAITH Quiz-bee, 13 memory cards, 14 fun games, and over 195 questions and answers - fan deck,

Fly to Quiz-Bee’s hive and test your “sweet” knowledge of the Articles of Faith! You will have fun with 13 memory cards, 28 question cards, and 14 challenging game cards! Quiz-Bee will buzz questions at you, and you can zip the answers right back. You will be amazed at how much you know and how fast your testimony will grow! To use this “honey” of a deck, you can start with the Quiz-Bee memory cards to see how well you have memorized each of the Article of Faith. Then zip on to the question cards to test your knowledge. If you’re stuck, you can check the answer at the bottom of the card. Then for a super sweet challenge, buzz on to each game card for fun!

Enjoy playing in teams with friends and family, awarding a point per answer. One team can take turns answering until someone on the team misses.


GREAT GIFT: STUPOR – The quick-thinking LDS game that often leads to a stupor of thought!
$10.99 STUPOR: Quick-thinking LDS game that often leads to a stupor of thought,

STUPOR Game: The quick-thinking LDS game that often leads to a stupor of thought,


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