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LESSON LIFESAVER: Decisions Determine Destiny planner 
Here youth can make decisions by writing ways they can be dependable at home, church, work, and school. Every decision they make determines their destiny or the destiny of another. They can put themselves in the driver’s seat by making responsible decisions. The celestial kingdom can be their destiny if they are steadfast in keeping the commandments. MORE . . .  


LESSON LIFESAVER: Harvesting My Destiny Garden Habit Changer
Help youth learn that by planting tiny seeds of thought, they can overcome bad habits and reap a harvest of good habits that will determine her eternal destiny: (1) Write three bad habits you wish to change . . . (2) Sow a good thought . . . (3) Write a positive thought . . .. Harvest your destiny garden by writing what each thought reaps. MORE . . . 

LESSON LIFESAVER: Warm Fuzzy Righteous Reminders goal chart and bookmark
Bookmark. Give each youth a bookmark to remind them to draw close to the Savior by serving Him every day.
Poster. Give youth a Warm Fuzzy mirror motivator to remind them of the six ways we can feel close to the Savior each day. Ask them to share their thoughts about each challenge. MORE . . .  


LESSON LIFESAVER: WISE CHOICES: Thumbs Up or Down choices game
Help youth understand that the consequences of their actions are not always immediate  but they can affect their lives. With this game they can vote if the choices are right or wrong and tell consequences for making each choice. MORE . . . 


LESSON LIFESAVER: Faithful Footsteps Spoon-game
Learn about covenants and promises and play the game: (1) Sit in a circle with a spoon for every player, taking away one spoon to start. (2) Have someone draw a situation and call it out. If the action is something faithful, everyone grabs a spoon. The person without a spoon goes out, taking a spoon with them. MORE . . . 


LESSON LIFESAVER: My Eternal Garden decision maker
Help youth look at their life as an eternal garden that needs constant care if they want an eternal family. Purposefully plant a flowerbed of beauty rather than a patch of tangled weeds. Decide what to grow and what not to grow. To grow flowers instead of weeds by choosing eternal deeds. MORE . . . 


LESSON LIFESAVER: I Can “Bee” O-bee-d-ant doorknob hanger and “Buzzzzz your way to heaven! sign for honey taffy treat
This rebus (picture symbol) message—“I can be obedient”—will remind youth to be obedient. Scriptures on the back provides an activity to learn about obedience and the blessings that come from obedience. 


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