Faith in God Activity Days, goal activities and invitations for every goal,“Faith in God” Activity Days)

Activity Days LEADERS / Parents: Helping girls ages 8-11 achieve their “Faith in God” goals just got easier. For each goal in the Activity Days Program we have a KIT that includes the goal planners/handouts and invitation to the activity. If the girl doesn’t attend, she can be given the KIT to complete the goal and pass it off at home.
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Activity Days Index
– 35 “Faith in God” Goals:

• Learning and Living the Gospel – Goals 1-5

Learning and Living the Gospel – Goals 6-10

Serving Others – Goals 1-5

Serving Others – Goals 6-10

Developing Talents – Goals 1-5

Developing Talents – Goals 6-10

Preparing For Young Women – Goals 1-5

Other Products and Ideas to Teach
“Faith in God” ACTIVITY DAYS

1. To purchase the Articles of Faith Quizbee (shown right), click HERE. You’ll be buzzing along learning the Articles of Faith with 13 memory cards, 14 fun games, and over 195 questions and answers!
$7.99 - ARTICLES OF FAITH Quiz-bee, 13 memory cards, 14 fun games, and over 195 questions and answers - fan deck,
2. Also enjoy with girls the Book of Mormon Quizbee (shown below).$7.99 - BOOK OF MORMON QUIZ-BEE: 28 Book of Mormon stories, 195 questions and answers, fan-deck,

Super Activity Days and Socials book or CD-ROM, for girls ages 8-11, recognition activities, mother - daddy daughter dates, gospelgrabbag.com3. Don’t miss our Faith in God: Super Activity Days and Socials for Girls Ages 8 to 11 (Paperback) by Mary H. Ross, Jennette Guymon-King, shown below (available at LDS bookstores or at

Click here to order. The CD-ROM shown is not available. 

4. INVITING GIRLS TO ACTIVITY DAYS: WATCH VIDEO on giving someone a “Heart Attack” (pasting hearts on doors) and having girls invite others to Activity Days from the Church Website. Click HERE (or watch video below).

DOWNLOAD the Dragonfly “We Missed You!” Postcard to encourage Activity Day girls or Young Women to come to activities.
$0.50 - Young Women - Notes of Encouragement - Dragonfly-Miss-You-Postcard, fellowship, friendship, activate young women, letters - stationery,

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WELCOME: How to download activities from website:, by Mary H. Ross, Author, and Jennette Guymon-King, Illustrator, Sunday Savers (formerly the Primary Partners series)