Theme #8
Missionary Work: I Can Be a Fisher of Men, Like Jesus
(Missionary “Fish”-ionary Fish Find

Use for Family Home Evening or Primary Sharing Time

The following activity and scripture poster previewed can be found in the Gospel Fun Activities book that contains a CD-ROM to print images in color or copy activities from the book to color.

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Gospel Fun Activities book with CD-ROM by Mary H. Ross, Illustrated by Jennette Guymon-King, 

OBJECTIVE: Help children learn the right (good fish-ionary) actions and the stinky (wrong fish-ionary) ways to be a missionary. Children can learn positive ways to share the gospel as they go fish.

Using cardstock, print or copy images that follow. If printing the color version, simply cut out images and laminate them. For the black-and-white version, color, cut out, and laminate.

Create a fishing pole with a dowel and a long string tied to the end with a paper clip tied to the fish end. Create a fish pond with a tablecloth draped over two chairs or easels. Tie two long strings on the left and right side of the board (so children can attach good missionary fish to string). Have double-stick tape available to help children stick fish to the board (fish line). Place team #1’s fish on left and team #2’s fish on the right.

Read Matthew 4:19-20 (fishers of men). Tell children, “We can become fishers of men like Jesus.” He called His disciples to follow Him, to teach the gospel. We too can follow Jesus teach the gospel (to become fishers of men), and tell others about Jesus’ church. Let’s go fishing to find ways to be a good missionary fish-ionary and how to avoid being a stinky fish-ionary missionary.

1. Divide into two teams.
2. Take turns fishing (Primary leader paper clips a fish to pole string and yanks when fish is ready).
3. The child or leader reads fish aloud, and child decides if it is a good missionary or a stinky missionary action.
4. The child places the good fish on the board and the stinky fish on the table. The team with the most good fish-ionary fish, win!

Pin on each child a Fisher of Men nametag (shown). Print from CD-ROM or copy as follows.

(when appropriate): Missionary Fish Wish Snacks, e.g., Goldfish crackers, gummy fish. Ask children as they fish for a fish treat to make a wish. Wish for something they can do each day to become a better fish-ionary (missionary), to be a fisher of men like Jesus and His disciples were (see Lesson Ideas below).

Memorize the Matthew 4:19 scripture (shown) that follows.


QUESTIONS: Ask children the following:
#1: What are some things we can do to be a missionary, to share the gospel with others?
#2: Are you being a good example to others by the way you live?
#3: Are you sharing your testimony with your friends?
#4: Are you inviting friends to come to Primary?
#5: Are you living worthy to serve a mission someday?


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Gospel Fun Activities: #8 Missionary Work: I Can Be a Fisher of Men, Like Jesus (Missionary “Fish”-ionary Fish Find