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Reach in and grab 2,000 LDS learning activities, crafts, games and more to teach Primary, family home evening, and young women. Also enjoy Bible fun activities.

Gospel Grab Bag - Reach in and grab 2,000 LDS learning activities, crafts, games and more to teach Primary, family home evening, and young women. Also enjoy Bible fun activities.

Come Follow Me, August – Marriage and Family: “Why is chastity important?” Young Women lesson helps

 Young Women Lesson Activity and Ideas

August: “Marriage and Family”
“Marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God and … the family is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children”
(“The Family: A Proclamation to the World,”
 Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2010, 129).

Click lesson: Why is chastity important?

ACTIVITY: Painting Righteous Habits planner

Note: This activity is also in the September “How do I guard my virtue?” activity. Click HERE.

Tell young women that they can maintain virtue through righteous living. They can use this Painting Righteous Habits form to plan those righteous habits.
1. Color planner in the seven young women colors: Faith (white), Divine Nature (blue), Individual Worth (red), Knowledge (green) Choice and Accountability (orange), Good Works (yellow), and Integrity (purple).
2. Tell young women that they can color their world with beautiful thoughts, words, and deeds, painting righteous habits daily.
3. Have young women write in squares next to value how they will use that value to live the law of chastity.


TO MAKE: Print activity in color or black and white.

TESTIMONY SHARING: The following week ask young women to share their testimony on the following. Click on the following website objective to introduce the testimony sharing (that follows):  Why is chastity important?  “Chastity is sexual purity and involves being morally clean in thoughts, words, and actions. Sexual intimacy is ordained of God for the creation of children and for the expression of love between husband and wife. God has commanded that sexual intimacy be reserved for marriage. When we are sexually pure, we qualify for the companionship of the Holy Ghost, and we are protected from the emotional and spiritual damage of sexual sin.”


CHOICE OF OREO COOKIES OR A BANQUET: Prepare ahead of time a banquet of delightful food, e.g., pizza, salad, apple pie, and place under a tablecloth. Place a plate of Oreo cookies on top of the tablecloth. Tell young women that they can have an Oreo cookie now or wait for the treat that is under the tablecloth. Hint that what is under the tablecloth is much better than an Oreo, but they have to trust you. We have to trust our leaders, parents, etc., that saving intimacy until after marriage is a treat worth waiting for. After awhile uncover the tablecloth to serve young women the banquet (but not the Oreos). Then after they eat, take the Oreo cookies and crush them in front of them telling them that Satan wants you to be satisfied with immediate pleasure, e.g., the Oreo cookies, but it doesn’t last. Heavenly Father wants us to wait for the banquet (having a sacred and eternal love), the relationship that is worth waiting for. Talk about Satan’s temptations.

OBSERVING THE PACKAGE ONLY CAN BE DECEIVING: Have a panel discussion and talk about meeting a guy with a testimony and a guy who is good-looking but doesn’t have a testimony. Have priesthood leaders choose young men for the panels. Direct questions to the panel to learn how young women can bring out the spiritual side of a guy and learn what he is really like (e.g., how can a girl tell if he is going to treat her with respect and love? How can she tell if he likes her for her good qualities and her testimony? How can a girl say no and still keep a guy’s friendship? What are the qualities a girl should look for that are deeper than the outward appearance? How can she find or bring out these qualities if he is just good-looking?)
      Additional “Observing the Package” Activity (object lesson): Have young women unwrap some gifts. Wrap the fancy gifts in plain paper and the plain gifts in fancy paper, e.g., an old shoe in a fancy package, and a temple recommend in the plain package, a TV Guide in a fancy package and a New Era magazine in the plain. Compare these with a guy who is not particularly handsome to them but could have great qualities they want eternally.


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Source YW 2 #37

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