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We have hundreds of Gospel Grab Bag items for you to reach in and DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY.

You’ll find activities for: Primary, Sharing Time, Activity Days, Young Women, Singing Time, and Family Home Evening.

There are four types of activities to print in color or black and white . . . all to make learning fun!

  • POST-AND-PRESENT activities and games to post on a poster or board;
  • LESSON LIFESAVER ACTIVITIES, GAMES, PUZZLES that match lessons taught;
  • SONG VISUALS to teach songs in the Children’s Songbook and Hymns;
  • SCRIPTURE POSTERS to help children/youth memorize key scriptures.

TO DOWNLOAD (SHOP) FOR THESE GO TO THE SUBJECTS ON THE RIGHT, A-Z INDEX, OR THE STORE. Add these to the bag and then go to the top/right (FIND THE BAG) TO CHECK OUT. These will come to your email in a pdf format for you to click and find in your download or designeated file. $2.50 minimum purchase (you only need to purchase one of each to print what you need for your class/family/sharing time/young women group(s).

  • SEE THE OCTOBER LIGHTS NEWSLETTER for curriculum suggestions

October Header

We are the creators of the following bestselling series of products:

SERIES #1 – QUIZ-BEE CARD DECKS are great for birthdays, Christmas stocking stuffers, baptism, or Primary graduation. These are also ideal for missionaries to use as teaching tools or gifts to potential converts.

You’ll find:
#1 Book of Mormon Quiz-Bee . . . PREVIEW PAGES HERE
$7.99 - BOOK OF MORMON QUIZ-BEE: 28 Book of Mormon stories, 195 questions and answers, fan-deck, gospelgrabbag.com
#2 Articles of Faith Quiz-Bee . . . PREVIEW PAGES HERE
$7.99 - ARTICLES OF FAITH Quiz-bee, 13 memory cards, 14 fun games, and over 195 questions and answers - fan deck, gospelgrabbag.com

SERIES #2 – Primary Lesson-Match Activities (ideal for family home evening) . . . READ MORE preview over 600 activities in this Sunday Savers series of books and CD-ROMs (where you can print lesson activities in black and white or color) for Primary Lessons for Primary Manuals (nursery) and 1-7) – PURCHASE AND PREVIEW (click links below):

Sunday Savers Nursery “Behold Your Little Ones” book with 1 coloring page and 1 craft per lesson . . . PREVIEW ACTIVITIES HERESunday Savers: Behold Your Little Ones - Nursery activities book or CD-ROM, primary partners, gospelgrabbag.com

Sunday Savers (Nursery) “Behold Your Little Ones” CD-ROM with 1 coloring page and 1 craft per lesson . . . PREVIEW ACTIVITIES HERE
Sunday Savers preview - book covers – Nursery – Behold Your Little Ones manual activities, gospelgrabbag.com
Sunday Savers Sunbeams book with 1 coloring page and 1 craft per lesson . . . PREVIEW ACTIVITIES HERE
sunday savers, sunbeam, activities for primary manual 1, Sunbeam.bk.cd
Sunday Savers Sunbeams (Manual 1) CD-ROM with 1 coloring page and 1 craft per lesson . . . PREVIEW ACTIVITIES HERE
Sunday Savers preview - book covers – Sunbeam – Primary Manual 1 activities (2 activities per lesson - craft and 1 coloring poster), gospelgrabbag.com

•  Sunday Savers Choose the Right CTR-A book


•  Sunday Savers Choose the Right CTR-B book

•  Sunday Savers Old Testament book

 Old Testament CD-ROM

•  Sunday Savers New Testament book

•  New Testament CD-ROM

•  Sunday Savers Book of Mormon book

•  Book of Mormon CD-ROM

•  Sunday Savers Doctrine and Covenants / Church History book

•  Doctrine and Covenants / Church History CD-ROM

This has been a best selling series for 21 years (formerly Primary Partners). GREAT FOR FAMILY HOME EVENING.

#3 Stupor Game . . . READ MORE to keep your family, seminary, Primary classes, and more awake when studying the scriptures. It is the best review game out there spotlighting over 200 standard works subjects to keep the competition going and make learning and scritpure discussions fun. You won’t want to miss this.$10.99 STUPOR: Quick-thinking LDS game that often leads to a stupor of thought, gospelgrabbag.comSTUPOR Game: The quick-thinking LDS game that often leads to a stupor of thought, gospelgrabbag.comSTUPOR Game: The quick-thinking LDS game that often leads to a stupor of thought, gospelgrabbag.com

For example, the POST-AND-PRESENT activity: See the September Primary sharing time theme match activity: Weeks 3-4 – Teach: I can prepare now to serve a mission. I can be a missionary now.
ACTIVITY:  Invite All to Come unto Christ – Build-a-Missionary Puzzle POST-AND-PRESENT DOWNLOAD it right now (plus more):
$1.00 - Missionary Preparation - Commandments: LDS Lesson Activity: Build a Missionary Puzzle, Come, Follow Me: How can I participate in the hastening of the Lord's work?, gospelgrabbag.com

Topic heading.Primary

〉 FIRST, we have created five books or CD-ROMs for this 2016 year in the Sunday Savers series. You’ll find an activity for every lesson in the Primary manuals and 18 POST-AND-PRESENT activities for Primary Sharing Time. See #1 and #2 below. These are not available for DOWNLOAD.

〉 SECOND, we have Scripture Posters, Singing Fun (song visuals and activities), and Activity Days to – DOWNLOAD ALL FROM GOSPEL GRAB BAG.

#1 PRIMARY LESSON-MATCH ACTIVITIES in the Sunday Savers series of books and CD-ROMs to print an activity for every lesson in the Primary Manuals for 2016:
• Nursery (Behold Your Little Ones manual);Nursery Treat Bucket: Behold Your Little Ones, Sunday Savers book or CD-ROM, lesson 1, gospelgrabbag.com • Sunbeam (Primary 1 manual);
Sunbeam.65preview, lds, primary sunbeam 3, lesson 33, lesson activities, family home evening, lesson visuals, lesson helps
• CTR-A (Primary 2 manual) – [sample shown of treasure chest to place all handouts];
CTR ACTIVITY BOX: Primary CTR-A, Lesson 1, CTR Testimony Treasures Box to store lesson handouts for CTR-A class, Primary 2 manual, primary lesson helps, family home evening, Sunday Savers book or CD-ROM, gospel grab bag, gospelgrabbag.com

• Book of Mormon, (Primary 4 manual)
Book of Mormon Reading Chart: A Gift from a Loving Heavenly Father, Primary 4, Lesson 1, gospelgrabbag.com


#2 PRIMARY SHARING TIME 2016 Theme book and CD-ROM that comes out every year. This is our 18th year. To preview and purchase . . . Sunday Savers: Sharing Fun! I Know the Scriptures Are True. 

They sell out quickly and once they are gone they are not available anywhere. We will not offer them here to DOWNLOAD during 2016.

2016 Primary Sharing Time Theme book and CD-ROM: Sunday Savers Sharing Fun - I Know the Scriptures Are True, gospelgrabbag.com

FREE SCRIPTURE POSTER for 2016 Theme  – DOWNLOAD FREE with a $2.50 purchase.FREE POSTER with the purchase of $2.50 - Theme Poster - 2016 Sharing Time Theme: I Know the Scriptures Are True, gospelgrabbag.comBOOKMARK For 2016 PRIMARY THEME – “I Know the Scriptures Are True!  – DOWNLOAD Great for incentive or birthdays with a scripture underlining red pencil as a gift.

$0.50 - Testimony of Jesus Christ: LDS Lesson Activity - I Know the Scriptures Are True bookmark, Come Follow Me, Primary Sharing Time, family home evening, youth activities, gospelgrabbag.comSinging Helps, Primary Sharing TIme, Singing Fun, music leader, gospelgrabbag.com


• We offer Song Visuals for 85 songs to teach every verse for the Primary children’s songs.

$1.00 - Song Visuals – “Search, Ponder, and Pray”: LDS Primary Singing Time – Primary music leader, family home evening, gospelgrabbag.com• Plus, we have 30 and Singing Fun Activities to motivation children to sing. These are ideal to help children practice for the Sacrament Meeting Presentation every year and enjoy singing time.

$1.00 - LDS Primary Singing Time, Fun Song Activities, Choir Practice, Music leader, sharing time, family home evening, gospelgrabbag.com

Scripture Posters: Bite-size Memorize Scripture Posters and Cards, standard works, LDS, Primary, gospelgrabbag.com

$0.75 - Faith, Repentance Baptism, Holy Ghost: Scripture Poster, Articles of Faith 1:4, LDS Lesson Activity for: Primary, Youth, and Family Home Evening, gospelgrabbag.comPRIMARY/YOUTH LEADERS:

DOWNLOAD SCRIPTURE POSTERS AND CARDS. We have an illustrated scripture for every month that Primary children are asked to memorize in Primary sharing time plus many more.

They come in three different sizes, large poster, poster, and cards to reward for scriptures memorized.

To obtain the 2016 Primary Theme: “I Know the Scriptures Are True” poster and bookmark (see above):
FREE poster (with $2.50 purchase)
• Bookmark to DOWNLOAD for $1.00 then print all you need for your Primary, class, or family.


Faith in God Activity Days, goal activities and invitations for every goal, gospelgrabbag.com



We have an activity for every goal in the Faith in God Activity Days Program along with an invitation to get the girls there.

The added plus is it is all worked out for you; if the girls don’t attend you can drop off a kit and parents can help them achieve their goals.

We have made it unbelievably easy for you to help them pass off goals in these areas: Learning and Living the Gospel, Developing Talents, Serving Others, and preparing the girls to enter the Young Women Program.

Here’s a sample to show you an ACTIVITY DAYS KIT for Serving Others – Goal 5 to “Care For and Entertain Children.” $2.00 - CHILDCARE: LDS Activity Days – Serving Others - Goal 5, entertain children with songs or games, babysitting basics, family home evening, gospelgrabbag.com

Articles of Faith Header
DOWNLOAD all Articles of Faith 1-13 from HERE or find all in the STORE.
Each month find one that coordinates with the Primary or Young Women themes. See the Newsletter Spotlight for that month to plan.

BANNER: Young Women, Come, Follow Me lesson activities, gospelgrabbag.com

• YW “COME, FOLLOW ME” LESSON-MATCH ACTIVITIES. For example, for AUGUST “Marriage and Family” lessons,  you will find fun activities.

• MIDWEEK ACTIVITIES: Watch for these FREE ideas outside Sunday lessons where you can meet with Young Men or just the girls. These were designed by a leader with six years of unforgettable experiences. These are found on most of the activity description pages.

• EXTRAS: Young Women EXTRAS help you organize and motivate Young Women.

Family Home Evening Activities for Primary Sharing Time, Youth, or Family Home Evening, gospelgrabbag.com

Heavenly Father's Plan for Us, Sunbeam Lesson 3, Nursery Lesson 2, Sunday Savers Primary lesson activitiy, gospelgrabbag.comPARENTS – DOWNLOAD any of the activities to use for family home evening.
OPTION #1: See the A-Z INDEX to find many by subject.
OPTION #2: See the Sunday Savers books and CD-ROMs with activities for the Primary lesson manuals and Sharing Time theme for 2016: “I Know the Scriptures Are True!” See the PRIMARY FUN Great for Family Home Evening Too! banner (shown above). 



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FREE POSTER with the purchase of $2.50 - Theme Poster - 2016 Sharing Time Theme: I Know the Scriptures Are True, gospelgrabbag.com

  • Don’t forget that with a $2.50 (minimum) purchase, you can select a FREE SCRIPTURE POSTER “I Know the Scriptures Are True!” for the 2016 Sharing Time year (shown right).

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