Gospel Grab Bag

Reach in and grab 2,000 LDS learning activities, crafts, games and more to teach Primary, family home evening, and young women. Also enjoy Bible fun activities.

Gospel Grab Bag - Reach in and grab 2,000 LDS learning activities, crafts, games and more to teach Primary, family home evening, and young women. Also enjoy Bible fun activities.



Reach into our GOSPEL GRAB BAG to find hundreds of activities to teach children and youth important gospel principles . . . from the bestselling author/illustrator team: Mary H. Ross, AuthJesus Loves Me activity, CTR-A lesson activity, gospelgrabbag.comor and Jennette Guymon-King, Illustrator. 

They are the creators of the bestselling Sunday Savers series and more . . . selling over a million books, CD-ROMs, and more.

Their latest are the Sunday Savers Sharing Fun: I Know My Savior Lives, Quiz-Bee fan-decks for Book of Mormon and Articles of Faith and another coming in October 2015.

Here you can preview the books and CD-ROMs available and DOWNLOAD hundreds more teaching visuals right here for children and youth, to make learning fun.

 Activities to Download:

Gospel Grab Bag STORE

Shop the Gospel Grab Bag STORE or download individual activities from the options that follow.

1. A-Z ACTIVITY – find all available activities to download or shop STORE (Find below: song visuals, singing activities, and scripture posters)

2. FAMILY HOME EVENING activities and ideas

3. GOSPEL GAMES galore!

$0.50 - TESTIMONY: Come Follow Me, December - Building the Kingdom of God in the Latter-days: "What does it mean to 'stand as a witness of God'?" Young Women lesson helps, gospelgrabbag.com, YW2.19$1.50 - PRAYER: LDS Activity Days - Learning and Living the Gospel - Goal 5, share feelings about prayer, staying close to Heavenly Father, family home evening, gospelgrabbag.com

4. YOUNG WOMEN “Come Follow Me” and Extras >  >  > see on PINTEREST

5. ACTIVITY DAYS invitation and handouts to complete all goals (see slideshow below) 

A to Z Header

6. MUSIC2015 Practice Song Visuals >  >  > see on PINTEREST

To view all Song Visuals:
• by A-Z TITLE or


Practice Songs for 2015 Primary Sharing Time Theme:
I Know My Savior Lives 
(Church Outline for Songs):

7. MUSIC – Singing Fun Activities >  >  > see on PINTEREST 

Follow MARY H.’s board Children Singing Activities, Sharing Time, LDS Primary Singing Leaders, FHE on Pinterest. 8. SCRIPTURE POSTERS for Primary sharing time and special lesson activities 

2015 Primary Theme Scriptures STORE Scripture Posters STORE • HOW TO DOWNLOAD ACTIVITIES: Select the  “Add to Bag” or “Buy Now” button on the activity page or in the STORE. Orders need to be at least $2.50 to process.

Mary H. Ross, Author

Mary H. Ross, Author

Downloads appear immediately on the screen and you have 72 hours to download activities. A confirmation will be sent to your e-mail. You will only need one quantity for each visual/activity as you can print what you need for your class or family. • GUARANTEE & PRIVACY POLICY: We guarantee satisfaction within two days after download or purchase delivery. Your private account information will not be distributed to outside vendors.

Jennette Guymon-King, Illustrator

Jennette Guymon-King, Illustrator

• CONTACT US maryrosscontact@gmail.com with comments, questions, or concerns.

ACTIVITIES to Purchase from Books and CD-ROMS, and Games 

Visit the menu above (or below) to locate products you can purchase at LDS bookstores or online for the current curriculum year for Primary and Young Women. These are also great for family home evening. Also find great games like STUPOR and Quiz-bee: Book of Mormon or Articles of Faith question and answer fan-decks.

2015 Sunday Savers: Sharing Fun: I Know My Savior Lives, sharing time activities, gospelgrabbag.com1. 2015 PRIMARY SHARING TIME

–  Sunday Savers: Sharing Fun – I Know My Savior Lives – (our 17th year for this series) PREVIEW SLIDESHOW OF ALL ACTIVITIES below or see activities on Pinterestpinterest, gospelgrabbag.com  Note: The Scripture Posters/Cards and “I Know My Savior Lives” bookmark shown on Pinterest are not in the book/CD. They are available to DOWNLOAD (CLICK HERE). TO PURCHASE THE “Sunday Savers Sharing Fun! I Know My Savior Lives” book or CD-ROM go to:Deseret Book: BOOK ($12.99), CD-ROM ($12.99) Publisher – Covenant Communications 801-664-9545 and press 101 Your nearest Deseret Book, Seagull Book, or other LDS bookstores PREVIEW SLIDESHOW OF ALL 2015 “I Know My Savior Lives” SHARING TIME AND FAMILY HOME EVENING ACTIVITIES:

Heavenly Father's Plan for Us, Sunbeam Lesson 3, Nursery Lesson 2, Sunday Savers Primary lesson activitiy, gospelgrabbag.com2. 2015 PRIMARY NURSERY and PRIMARY SUNBEAMS – Sunday Savers books and CD-ROMs. Follow MARY H.’s board LDS – Nursery – Primary Lesson Helps – Behold Your Little Ones – Sunday Savers – Lesson Ideas on Pinterest.

3. 2015 PRIMARY CTR-B, ages 4-7 – Sunday Savers lesson match activity book or CD-ROM >  >  > 

Follow MARY H.’s board LDS – CTR-B Primary Lesson Helps – Primary 3 Manual – Sunday Savers – Lesson Ideas – Gospel Grab Bag on Pinterest.

4. 2015 PRIMARY NEW TESTAMENT, ages 8-11 – Sunday Savers lesson match activity for Primary 7 manual – book or CD-ROM

5. GAME – STUPOR: The quick-thinking LDS game that often l$10.99 STUPOR: Quick-thinking LDS game that often leads to a stupor of thought, gospelgrabbag.comeads to a stupor of thought

6. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: QUIZ-DECK “ARTICLES OF FAITH QUIZ-BEE” card-fan-deck – You’ll be buzzing along learning the Articles of Faith with 13 memory cards, 14 fun games, and over 195 questions and answers!

7. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: QUIZ-DECK “BOOK OF MORMON QUIZ-BEE” card-fan-deck – Get your brain buzzing with 28 Book of Mormon stories and over 195 questions and answers!

8. YW PERSONAL PROGRESS – Young Women Fun-tastic! Personal Progress Motivators (CD-ROM) or BOOK

as they may not be available soon:

2015 Sunday Savers: Sharing Fun: I Know My Savior Lives, sharing time activities, gospelgrabbag.com2015 PRIMARY SHARING TIME – Sunday Savers: Sharing Fun – Families Are Forever – (our 17th year for this series) – Preview activities on Pinterestpinterest, gospelgrabbag.com

MORE BOOKS/CDS (shown below)

ACTIVITY DAYS and socials book only (CD-ROM is no longer available) –

SEE NEW ACTIVITY DAYS activities for every goal (shown in LIST #1 above – sample shown right) $1.50 - EDUCATION: LDS Activity Days – Developing Talents - Goal 6, seek learning, improve personal study habits, choose good books, gospelgrabbag.com

SINGING – Super Singing Activities for Family Home Evening and Primary (Paperback)

SINGING Super Little Singers: Singing Fun for Primary Nursery to Age 5 and Family Home Evening (Windows CD-ROM)

SEE NEW 2015 SINGING FUN activities in LIST #1 above – sample shown right)

FAMILY HOME EVENING Short and Sweet with a Treat (Paperback with CD-ROM included)
• FHE Gospel Fun Activities (Paperback with CD-ROM included)
 NURSERY/FHE – Happy Handouts: Nursery and Age 3 Sunbeams (Activity book) NOTE: These are now in the new Sunday Savers Nursery or Sunbeam books/CDs
GAMES Funner Than Fun Gospel Games (Paperback)
FHE Fun in a Flash (Paperback)


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